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  1. Bring the Magic of Christmas to Your Home!

    Bring the Magic of Christmas to Your Home!
    Christmas is all about presents making the most of time spent with loved ones as well as creating new memories for us to look back on in the coming years. While the current circumstances have made this festive season look extremely different, that is no reason not to celebrate. With the right tools and a little inspiration, you can have your home looking like the hub of Christmas in no time!
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  2. The Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

    The Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

    The lotus has always been an object of immense marvel and beauty. But very few are aware of the environment in which it is born, specifically the dirty and muddy water from which it is known to originate. Such conditions would, otherwise, prove to be very hostile for most living organisms to survive, let alone thrive, in.

    To truly appreciate the lotus’ exquisite beauty, one must first understand the process of its development. Before it can bloom into the beautiful and absolutely wondrous piece of flora that it is, the lotus has to undergo an extremely gruelling and painstaking growth process. From underwater tubers, they eventually grow into a long stem that reaches towards and then outside the surface of the water. Once the leaves appear, the stem falls further down into the mud, allowing the roots to be able to firmly anchor the flower in place.

    As with most aquatic plants, the lotus also requires an environment that has abundant moisture. These include swamps, lakes and ponds. They can also only grow in a climate that is either mild or warm and which experiences moderate rainfall that is spread out throughout the year. Because of the various stages of development involved as well as the adverse circumstances in which it grows and eventually blooms, the lotus has been widely regarded as the perfect analogy for the human condition; that even though the origins of your story may not be as pleasant or positive, you still have the capability to grow and bloom into the best version of yourself. For this purpose, the lotus has come to be known as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

    Much of the symbolism of the lotus flower comes from its significance in many religions, specifically Buddhism and Hinduism. According to Buddhist beliefs, e

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  3. CEO Diaries - Our Story

    CEO Diaries - Our Story
    They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In my case, this age-old saying proved to be completely true. On the way back from an international trip, while searching for beautiful floral tokens of love that could adequately convey the affection, I had for my loved ones who were waiting for me back home, I found that many of those that were on display had lost their much-coveted glow and vibrancy. Not wanting to undermine the auspicious occasion of a long-awaited reunion with sub-standard souvenirs such as these, I settled for something else entirely.
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  4. Endura Roses' response to COVID-19

    Endura Roses' response to COVID-19

    In order to support the government’s containment efforts against COVID-19, we have made the decision to temporarily close all stores until further notice.

    We want to assure you here at Endura Roses, despite the uncertain and unprecedented times, we will continue to welcome customers online, on our social and email channels where we will keep bringing you style and inspiration to brighten your day.

    We've taken a number of steps to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers, whilst also ensuring we provide the high level of service that you would expect from us.

    If you've got any questions please get in touch with us.

    Stay safe and look after each other,
    The Endura Roses team

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  5. Mothers Day Flowers

    Mothers Day Flowers

    Mother’s Day is all about those wonderful flowers! Doesn’t your mum deserve the best flowers this Mothering Sunday?

    It’s time to start preparing for the busiest day in the floristry calendar, and that’s Mother’s Day! We hear the debates all the time about Valentine’s Day being the busiest event, but you would be surprised to see the figures!

    Everyone, at some point in their lives, has had a mother or some form of motherly role model and it's often known that husbands buy flowers from the children for his wife on this amazing day too!

    Did you know that Mother’s Day is an American term and it has only been celebrated since the 20th century? Thanks to Mother’s Day, we are celebrating the most important female influence in our life and saying ‘thank you’ for all those wonderful years you have spent together.

    Have you ever wondered why we use flowers as gifts on Mother’s Day though?

    Well, it is believed that the working children would pick wildflowers like daffodils and violets as a gift for their mother on their way home back from work. Therefore, there is no other traditional way to celebrate Mothering Sunday than with an everlasting floral gift designed by the extraordinary Endura Roses team.

    At Endura Roses, we like to make sure that there is a diverse range of fantastic flowers for you to choose from this Mother’s Day. The selection is endless, and that’s how it should be, as your mums’ personality can be anything she wants it to be, and that’s the charm of it all. From different sizes to shapes to colours, there is a wide range to choose from and personalise!

    Designed by hand, our skilled team put love, care and effort into every rose they touch and style. For maximum freshness, we ensure that all the stunning roses are preserved in time to make them exclusively everlasting.

    With a Mother’s Day range created, our aim is to bring a smile to all the mums faces and make them feel appreciated for everything they have done in life. For Mother’s Day, we’ve created a unique and stand out colour rose which contains the prettiest of pinks and purples as well as those wholesome whites.

    Not to mention that we have traditional roses as well as unique heart-shaped roses to choose from in our one-of-a-kind

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  6. Luxury Preserved Rose Brand Hosts Grand Opening To Launch New Store

    Luxury Preserved Rose Brand Hosts Grand Opening To Launch New Store
    Luxury preserved rose brand Endura Roses is celebrating the grand opening of a new boutique at Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with an exclusive VIP launch event.
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  7. Endura Roses flourishes at intu Trafford Centre

    Endura Roses flourishes at intu Trafford Centre
    Endura Roses opened its doors at intu Trafford Centre in March 2017. Customers are delighted as they experience the feeling of walking through a rose garden as they entered Endura Roses, with the sweet and natural scent of flowers created especially by the owner.
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