Our Roses

At Endura Roses, we have been leading the market for dried roses and preserved foliage since 2016. We see these naturally enhanced alternatives to be the future of floristry but understand it is still such a new concept for some. For all those who are intrigued by the concept, look no further than our new Behind The Bouquet series.


Are preserved roses real?

 Yes! All of our preserved roses and foliage are made from fresh roses and plants that have been specifically hand-picked from our growing sites across the world just as they reach their peak. After the water and sap have evaporated from their outer layers, we then replace this with an organic, chemical-free, top-secret formula that prevents any signs of wilt.


What do preserved roses smell like?

We ensure no rose loses its scent once preserved by creating two of our own bespoke subtle fragrances. After extensive testing to find the perfect alluring aroma, we now have

Heaven Scent and Paradise Scent. They have been tailor made to keep every single arrangement smelling beautiful and fresh for the duration of their life, and can also be purchased to rejuvenate the smell over time.


Are preserved roses safe?

Preserved roses are as safe as ones plucked straight from the earth. Because our preserving formula is natural and toxin-free, they are safe to keep in the home. Also, for those with pets and/or allergies that prevent them from having fresh flowers on display, our encased arrangements are a wonderful alternative. The likes of Nature’s Symphony Signature arrangements or those from our Belle collection are encased in airtight jar that contains all the natural chemicals or pollen that may be unsafe for some people and pets. They also allow you to take in their beauty for a lifetime as they are protected from the elements and will not wither.



Why are preserved roses so expensive? Are they worth it?

Of course! If you are an avid customer of your local florist and love to surround yourself with colourful flowers, you can expect to spend around £25 for a bouquet that is only at its peak for up to 2 weeks at the most. Therefore, you are potentially buying around 20 bouquets a year and spending at least £500. Endura Roses arrangements can last from 3 years to a lifetime depending on its encasement, meaning we allow you to invest in a product that lasts far longer.

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