Happy Best Friends Day! Today, we turn to our dearest friends and show our appreciation for the ways in which they light up our lives and are always by our side through every hurdle.

Now more than ever, friends are important. Many of us may have gone months without being able to see ours due to lockdown and travel restrictions, relying on technology to keep us connected. But that bond can never be truly broken as real best friends are joined at the heart and distance has only shown them how highly they are regarded after all.

If you’re looking for a little something to thank for best friends for their love and support, turn to our selection of naturally enhanced flower arrangements featuring yellow and pink eternal roses. These two colours are perfect for symbolising friendship as they represent truth, honesty and joy. Invite such positivity into their homes and your relationship with a darling piece of nature that may blossom for years to come.

Belle Eternal (Belle)

Petite platonic love


Adore (Mesmeric)

A sweet piece of sunshine


Simplicity (Lucid)

For the timeless friendships


Trilogy (Lucid)

Three best friends


Soul Petite (Lucid)

A little something to say…


Endura’s Charm (Accessories)

Forever by your side


Pretty In Pastel (Nature’s Symphony)


Pure pink positivity


Enchanted Forest (Nature’s Symphony)

Great adventures that last a lifetime


Alternatively, if you’re searing for something a little more sentimental…


My Sister, My Friend (The Sentiments Collection)

Great friendship kindled right at home


Heart and Soul (The Sentiments Collection)

Companions from the very start


Brother and Sister (The Sentiments Collection)

Siblings through choice


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