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dried roses

  1. Styling Nature’s Symphony: Cottagecore

    Do you need help finding the perfect piece of preserved nature to suit your interior design? Welcome to our latest blog series, Styling Nature’s Symphony, which will be your guide to all things aesthetic. Cottagecore in one of the latest nostalgia-driven interior design trends to sweep the internet, emerging just four years ago. The neutral and pastel tones romanticise agricultural farmhouses and cottages of the 19th century, with a focus on comforting and relaxing activities such as baking and embroidery crafting.
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  2. What Are Preserved Roses?

    Our Roses
    At Endura Roses, we have been leading the market for dried roses and preserved foliage since 2016. We see these naturally enhanced alternatives to be the future of floristry but understand it is still such a new concept for some. For all those who are intrigued by the concept, look no further than our new Behind The Bouquet series.
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  3. St Patrick's Palette: The Colours Ireland

    Luscious Jungle
    It’s time for one of the most renowned international holidays, which is also significant for being one of the most cheerful and full of unity!
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  4. With Feeling: The Mother’s Day Experience

    Mother’s Day is a significant date, bursting with passion. We use this day to truly show how much we value the maternal figures in our lives, and make them feel as cherished as they deserve, so this can be emotional. Here’s just a couple of the feelings you may face and why…
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