Endura Roses

Endura Garden

Step into Endura Garden to experience evergreen nature for eternity. The serenity and peace we feel when exploring a forest, meandering through an orchid or bathing in a lake can be perceived forever more in our own naturally enhanced wonderland.

Botanical Bliss

The florals found with Botanical Dreams burst with live in such a vivacious manner, one will be truly captivated from the very first glance. The large, sleek terrarium, which encapsulate the likes of gerberas, sunflowers and orchids, creates everlasting scenery where the summer sun shines forever more.


Miniature landscapes can be eternally observed when blessed with a Tropical Opus. The sleek and petite domes capture naturally enhanced tuberoses, star flowers and zinnias so that their darling beauty can be admired without limits. Precious and charming, with this selection you may keep a little piece of summer by your side throughout all the seasons.


Those with a more contemporary aesthetic can revel in Serene Verandas smooth curved encasement which allows an alternative 360° view of Mother Nature’s everlasting sweethearts. Within this collection, marvel at grand gerberas, lush gardenias and our bespoke heart shaped rose buds that are unparalleled in the wilderness.

Prism of Life

Showcasing the diversity of the rose, one can admire those of the English garden, French Majolica or diamond encrusted. Exhibited within a unique, unlatched gold plated glass casket, sophistication, class and vintage aesthetics can be found at the heart of this collection, staying sprightly for up to ten years.