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Senior Head Florist

Responsible for handcrafting beautiful decorative floral creations every day.

My personal interests are travel, creative design, spending time with family.

I love that every day in the Studio is different and that the Endura Roses team feels like my extended family.  My favourite product is The Diamond Heart – I love the finer details such as the diamond-shaped handle on the glass dome.

Amanda has worked in floristry since 2012. A naturally creative and artistic individual with a special flair for arts, crafts and particularly design, Amanda grew up in Scotland owned her own business in Wales designing and creating a children’s clothing line before joining the Endura Roses team last year.

Favourite film:

Favourite food:

Dream holiday destination:
The beaches of the Caribbean

What did you want to be when you grew up:
I designed my own children’s clothing line and then brought my ideas to life!

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Creative, Honest, Caring

Most commonly used word:

What scares you the most:

Your idea of life:
My idea of life is to be happy always be kind and treat people with respect ,time is more important than money because you can always make more money but money will never buy you time

Idea of heaven:
A place where everyone gets along with no crime or sadness

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