Floral Artist

Responsible for handcrafting beautiful decorative floral creations every day.

My personal interests are travel, creative design, spending time with family.

I love that every day in the Studio is different and that the Endura Roses team feels like my extended family.  My favourite product is The Diamond Heart – I love the finer details such as the diamond-shaped handle on the glass dome.

Amanda has worked in floristry since 2012. A naturally creative and artistic individual with a special flair for arts, crafts and particularly design, Amanda grew up in Scotland owned her own business in Wales designing and creating a children’s clothing line before joining the Endura Roses team last year.

Favourite film:

Favourite food:

Dream holiday destination:
The beaches of the Caribbean

What did you want to be when you grew up:
I designed my own children’s clothing line and then brought my ideas to life!

The Team

A team of visionaries designing
unique & long lasting beauty