Floral Artist

Responsible for handcrafting Endura Roses products in our Studio.

My personal interests are arts and crafts, crocheting, nature walks, spending time outdoors.

I relish opportunities to learn new things and be creative every day.  My favourite product is Lure – the raindrop-shaped glass reminds me of my favourite weather, autumn rain.

Aneta recently joined our team of Floral Architects – her passion for her work and deeply creative nature is reflected in every Endura Roses product she crafts. When she’s not hard at work Aneta enjoys spending time in nature, enjoying the fresh air and tending to flowers and vegetables in her allotment.

Favourite film:
The Notebook

Favourite food:

Dream holiday destination:
Alaska in autumn

What did you want to be when you grew up:
A school teacher

The Team

A team of visionaries designing
unique & long lasting beauty