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Senior Packaging Designer

I artistically arrange flowers for display to create unique packaging designs for our customers.

I love to travel, connect with people and spend time with my family.

My favourite Endura Rose product is Precious and family.

Mirela loves the fact that she can use her imagination skills to design and pack the product in a very creative way for Endura's customers. For her the product and the packages depict emotions, and she feels by being a part of the business she contributes a small part in making their day.

Favourite film:

Favourite food:

Dream holiday destination:
Sardegna, Italy

What did you want to be when you grew up:
Primary School Teacher

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Hard worker, Sensitive, Friendly

Most commonly used word:

Your idea of life:
My family

Idea of heaven:
The day I gave birth to my son

What scares you the most:
To remain alone in this world

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