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From murky beginnings to eternal beauty, the lotus flower never ceases to amaze and inspire. Our efforts in preserving this exquisiteness carries with it the aim to bring to you just a small sample of the wonders of nature and how it continues to defy all odds in portraying its complete beauty. Available in both white and pink, this makes for a truly memorable gift for your loved ones.

Dimensions - (H) 11.5cm x (W) 11cm


Lotus Collection

One of the most beautiful as well as the most inspiring flowers known to man, the Lotus, has always been the subject of immense fascination. Since the time of Buddha, it has existed as a symbol of purity and enlightenment, mainly due to the wondrous way in which it grows; while its roots lie in muddy water, the flower itself rises above the ground to bloom clean and fragrant.

Perhaps this is the reason why, in addition to presenting an aura of serenity and awe-inspiring beauty, the lotus also represents spiritual awakening along with personal transformation. To arise as something beautiful from murky and dark beginnings is to symbolize the achievement of growth and success amidst great struggle as well as the need to remain steadfast during suffering.

Just like the lotus flower, we too have the ability to rise from the mud and blossom to our true potential. All we have to do is remain resolute and committed to our goal as well as have faith in the process. Because no matter where we may be on our journey, its culmination will always be our growth. This is what the lotus flower teaches us; to live with virtue during tough times and to always believe in yourself.

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Due to the unique nature of our roses and materials, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Variations can occur in colour and final appearance, additionally, just as when roses are purchased at the local flower shop, small tears in the petals are normal and slight variations in the hue are naturally occurring. Minor imperfections and irregularities in each creation are inherent and desirable characteristics of a genuinely unique and handcrafted product, therefore cannot be considered as a fault or defect. It is also important to know many of our filler and decorative flowers and foliage are subject to seasonal availability and may differ from the original design.

Please be advised that Endura Roses is not liable for the diminished value of the product resulting from the handling or improper aftercare of the product such as broken glass, or accidental damage. We do not provide a certain guarantee regarding the lifetime of the roses, our only promise is that they last “up to” 3 or ten years or a lifetime, however, this is completely dependent upon the aftercare of the rose, providing that all the care instructions are followed, it will remain in its original condition and last.

Endura’s preserved roses are real roses and therefore are classed as perishable items, meaning that we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges.

Eternal Hope

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