Our Range

We like to think that we offer products that speak to our customer’s hearts, only ever investing in the highest quality supplies, from the roses themselves right through to the packaging that they arrive in.

Our unique, long lasting roses are just the tip of the iceberg, though. Endura Green is dedicated to celebrating the natural world on a grand scale, Endura Weddings and Corporate are, as the names might suggest, whole arms of Endura that specialise in serving and transforming special occasions and day to day operations in equal measure. Home decor, fashion accessories, and jewellery are all on our horizon, too, and we encourage you to keep an eye on our e-commerce store for developments as and when they come.

Our Innovation

We are anything but complacent, committed to delivering outstanding and undeniably unique creations that captivate and delight in equal measure. We don’t design our creations and then rest on our laurels, though. As naturally creative people we are restless, constantly making both subtle and radical improvements to our creations, developing and evolving them aesthetically and in terms of quality.

Our Distribution

Investing in the development and maintenance of a robust network of suppliers is critical, as is making sure that our high standards, both in the product itself and the conditions in which it is produced, are always upheld. We need to work with people that share, not only our vision, but our need to deliver a consistently outstanding product. Without a reliable network, our entire enterprise falls down, so rest assured that it is of the utmost importance to us.