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Pride Month

At this wonderful time, we celebrate freedom of expression and honour those embracing their true selves. Show your individualism this month with 10% off our vivacious rainbow roses and more…

Intricate Love

Love is love, and what better fairy-tale to depict this than Beauty and The Beast. Each piece within Intricate Love is inspired by a tale as old as time and features vibrant rainbow variations of The Enchanted Rose. Let love reign eternal with these grand displays.

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Beauty Exhibited

Redefine the concept of uniqueness and individuality with a naturally enhanced flower arrangement that resides in a vessel like none you’ve ever seen before. Stand out with your own piece of nature that can never be replicated – just like you.

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Regal Palaces

Be bold with vibrant roses encased in contemporary vessels that are true works of art. Inspired by great chateaus around the world, show your regal side with a palace of eternal nature.

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Darling Nature

This is a very emotion-filled time for many, and through Darling Nature, you may capture the most joyful and positive feelings for years to come. Our emotions are far from simplistic, but the clear vessels within this range show passion portrayed in a beautifully minimalistic fashion.

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