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From working within the highest ranks of Europe’s leading entertainment, telecommunications, fashion, and even equestrian brands, to setting out anew with an exciting,high-end design concept, Concetta Spitaleri has never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Though her career has taken her from senior personal assistant, to executive advisor, vice president, director and now founder, and though Concetta considers herself a business person first – her creative flair has never waned. It is through Concetta’s entrepreneurial spirit and sheer passion for flowers that EnduraPiù was born – but born with a strong code of ethics to carry the brand forward. This is thanks to Concetta’s experiences creating and maintaining corporate social responsibility policies at Belgium’s top telecommunications company, experience which has been invaluable in bringing L’Oréal and Lancôme on board as clients of EnduraPiù. As part of working with these iconic brands, we designed and created a bespoke bracelet adorned with a single natural rose for the launch of one of their fragrances.