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In an emotional fusion of art and nature, we introduce contemporary sculptures into our arrangements to represent the memories we wish to cherish. The pieces within this innovative category each have their own stories to tell and allow you to mirror and interpret your own path traveled.


Feel the sacredness of your family bonds as every stage of life experienced alongside parents and siblings is portrayed flawlessly.

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Eternal love never looked so poignant. See yourself and your partner encapsulated forever, lost in adoration and surrounded by gorgeous dried flowers.

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Grandparents and elders are immortalised through these emotive, preserved flower arrangements, forever bonding with their heirs.

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New Beginnings

Relive the significant events of pregnancy and your children’s first moments every time you gaze upon the delicate pieces in this collection.

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Animals truly are a person’s best friend and complete a family. Show your adoration for your small companion with an endearing floral display that convey their never-ending impact.

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