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One of our biggest ranges, offering unique pieces at wildly different sizes and shapes. No matter which you choose, we surround the signature Endura roses with high quality, hand-blown glass, giving a beautifully designed and crystal clear, minimal aesthetic overall.


A range of products inspired by the spherical shapes we see beyond our atmosphere, each emanating its own individual light and soft glow in a basin of pristine hand-blown glass.

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Inspired by the many enchanting shapes and textures within our planet Earth, from the alluring symmetry of a butterfly’s wings to the elegant curves of a swan, each with a stunning Endura Rose arrangement.

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A range of products with the ability to be suspended, a frozen moment of nature captured and held in stasis for all to appreciate and adore, creating that peaceful moment of zen in any home.

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Immaculate, pure panes of glass give this collection it’s signature aesthetic, with dramatic block structures and the paradoxical beauty of intricate floral designs within, prepare to be amazed by Reflection.

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