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Unique, completely natural creations that last a LifeTime. Every Belle piece tells a different story, be it of fairy tale romance, unprecedented size or unadulterated beauty. This range is best possible example of everything Endura.


Our traditional, classic Beauty and the Beast inspired range, with eternal grace and everlasting love encapsulated beneath a perfectly blown glass cloche, each with its own individual sphere of glass.

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Elegant curves and pristine glass influenced the creation of this stunning collection, with ornate pinnacles of glass crowning each dome and a beautifully natural dance of roses in each.

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Pure, irrevocable love. The innermost trust and power of emotions, stunningly symbolized with our intricately hand-crafted heart-shaped roses in a plethora of glass shapes, all sealed for up to a lifetime.

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With more inspiration from the classic fairy-tale came this range of wooden and glass-based glass domes, each with its own single stem or collection of roses to rule within its chamber and far beyond for up to ten years.

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Limited Edition

For tales of love that are as old as time, we present the exclusive and most coveted Belle Forever with an added sparkle of romance!

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