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The Team

Our team of creative innovators at Endura Roses has built a reputation for quality, style and engaging designs. Also known as 'soul-mates', our team is a mix of different cultures, aesthetic sense and designing prowess. Over the years, they have been creating the most original and creative floral arrangements with the goal to always contribute in every way towards the overall success of the business.

The Endura Family

We spend over half of our lives and time within the workplace. This helps strengthen relationships to the point where the creation of a familial atmosphere is inevitable. Much of this can be attribute to the almost spiritual element every creative person brings to the table. Even though everyone is different and unique in their own way, together they use their design aesthetics and mastery over nature to create eye-catching and completely spectacular treasures.

A family of creative soul-mates

A bouquet of unique and talented minds

Multi-Talented Blossoms

We are proud to have such a diverse and culturally rich family of creative individuals, just like the stunning arrangements that we have on offer. Everyone at Endura Roses is given the opportunity to add their contribution towards our brand aesthetic and values. We appreciate and respect each member of staff for their hard work and determination and know that Endura Roses will not have been able to flourish the way it has without such a fantastic team.

The Story Behind Every Creation

Every one of our products has a story of inspiration and emotion associated with it. Our products speak a thousand words and the emotions are felt in every stage of their creation. At Endura Roses, we value the power of sentiments and relationships and believe in celebrating every moment of life. Our very talented and creative soulmates use their unique creativity to create a symphonic harmony of artistry which is reflected in a wide range of our products.

Creating designs that speak a thousand words

Lovingly handcrafted for you

Handcrafted to Perfection

We value our ability to be able to change a person’s entire day with all our unique creations. From the smallest, miniature baby rose to our glass domes full of towering stems and flowers, each piece is handcrafted to perfection with the intention of making our customer’s day special. We value the joy and happiness of making our customers day worthwhile for them.

Meet The Team