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Glass & Acrylic Creation

A lifetime of beauty

The most unquestionably perfect component to accentuate the natural beauty and allure of Endura Rose’s time-defying blooms, two materials that act not only as magnificent vessels but provide the most ideal and pristine containers to truly experience our roses to their fullest potential. It was natural for us to use glass as our first choice, for years glass and flowers had provided people with stunning floral arrangements for a multitude of occasions, and the very everlasting rose brought to life in the well known classic tale is, itself, in an ornately decorated bell of glass.

Acrylic is a material that has been introduced to Endura Roses in more recent years, one that is appealing to a more modern aesthetic, yet still retaining the qualities we adore in glass, the amazing ability to behold the beauty of our roses fully and freely, with no visual interference. The use of acrylic allows our Floral Art Technicians to explore new shapes and lines in their creative design.

Glass Blowing

Step 1

Glassblowing is truly a form of art, something that once mastered, allows us to be able to create things from glass that strike wonder and awe on a plethora of levels. The ability to transform glass is one that is only possible in extreme heats of up to 1,320°C, and with the use of three different furnaces. The first of which holds a container in which the glass is initially melted, the second is used while crafting the glass in between steps, reheating it as necessary. The third and final furnace is one that is carefully temperature controlled and used over a space of a few days to a few weeks, where the glass slowly cools. This technique prevents all of our glass products from shattering due to thermal stress.

Transforming glass
Expanding and shaping the glass

Step 2

The glass, once melted, is then picked up by the glassblower using a specialised pipe tool. known as a blowpipe. Using the blowpipe the glass is pressed and rolled onto a marver, traditionally a marble slab, to form a viscous cool outer layer on the red hot piece. This is what will allow the glass to expand and grow to the glassblower’s desire without falling apart or bursting all while maintaining a uniform thickness. The initial shape of the creation is also established at this point.

Step 3

Once the shape is to their liking, the glassblower will finally blow air into it, which will form a bubble inside the glowing piece of molten glass. If necessary, more glass can be added over the bubbles to increase the size, and once it has reached its final proportions the bottom of it is finalised and it’s transferred to an iron rod. This is where the glassblower can shape and mold the glass to perfection and form the top of it.

Molding the glass to perfection
Everlasting floral masterpieces

Step 4

The piece is then moved to the workbench, where a wondrous array of specialised tools can be used to aid in the formation of shape and structure, where pieces are attached together and finalised. This is also where the glass receives it’s finishing touches, polished until is pristine, transparent and smooth and ready to encase the everlasting floral masterpieces from the Endura Roses Head-Office Studio.


Acrylic is not something that is new, it has been a material at our creative disposal for many, many years now. We have explored ways of using it in jewellery, painting and even furniture making, it was inevitable that the material would make its way into interior decor. Sought after for it’s light-weight, flexible, cost-effective and transparent qualities, acrylic is adaptable and modern looking. It allows us to create incredibly elegant and sleek boxes that are completely see-through to stage the show-stopping everlasting roses in ways we have never been able to. With it’s ability to be incredibly complex and intricate, acrylic also brings forth a sense of simplicity and cleanliness, a sleek and sharp sense of transparency. That allowed our creative minds to fully experiment with the designs within, to explore colour and texture and resonate the emotions and thoughts behind each piece. Explore our range of exclusive glass domed products in the Belle Range and be amazed by or acrylic Lucid Collection.

Our craft is our art

Hand crafted floral displays

Timelessly elegant or modern and trend-setting, our designs are guaranteed to captivate. Each piece presents it’s own unique challenges in it’s creation and requires artistic skill, eternal patience and the utmost respect and care to bring the design to life and fill every one with emotion.