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The Process of Timelessness

A lifetime of beauty


An art almost as old as time itself, the preserving of flowers has been recorded as far back as prehistoric burials and Ancient Egyptian tombs, with more techniques and styles developing into our current time and place. From drying and pressing to modern collaborations between science, technology and nature-humans have been immortalising the lifespan of nature’s most treasured jewels forever.

At Endura Roses, the process of timelessness is one born from a longing, a longing that would see the very gifts that would last only a week or two at best, be able to be cherished for up to a lifetime. Some would call it magic, we definitely wouldn’t disagree, and from the farmers all over the world to the very Floral Art Technicians in our studio, we all could not be more grateful and proud of what we, along with nature itself, have achieved with this miraculous, dazzling feat.

Step 1

We start our journey of wonder and amazement at, pun intended, the root of it all. We have scoured the globe, far and wide, to search for the most ethically sourced and beautiful rose blooms. We found dedicated farmers who have devoted their lives to nurturing those very roses, farmers who were obsessed with the tiny details like we were, the veins in the petals, the amount of petals, how each rose opens. They had perfected the art of growing roses, and once each individual flower was just about to reach its peak moment of bloom it is harvested. (A flower continues to open even after it has been cut, especially when reintroduced to a water supply).

We search for the most beautiful rose blooms
Bathed with our secret formula

Step 2

All flowers are made up of water, much like ourselves, each and every one of them, their petals filled on a molecular level with droplets of water, the next step in the Process of Timelessness draws this water from the roses, to be substituted with what we like to call our secret formula, a naturally made preservation fluid that replaces the water and allows the rose to remain in that very moment of blossoming. This is where the real magic happens, where science, technology and nature come together in perfect harmony. Once the roses are completely dried they are then bathed in the ‘elixir’.

Step 3

In some cases, some of our roses come out of the previous stage with their colours slightly diminished, and wherever this happens, a naturally occurring pigment is added to help encourage the rose to become its best self. This technique further developed in our experimental stage, in which colour selection became more creative and free, giving us the ability to design and create roses that might never have been seen in nature, even roses that can visually symbolise something, someone or a place.

Styling the roses
Becoming a piece of art

Step 4

Once the roses have been given enough time to properly take in the carefully created, naturally sourced secret elixir, they are finally ready to be sent to our masterful Floral Art Technicians, they are gently and securely packed and sent in mass to our Head-Office Studio, where they can then begin their new life and truly become a piece of art looking just as they did in the vast plains of Ecuador, Spain and Kenya.

The Art of Timelessness

There are many different types and ways of extending the life and beauty of flowers, of capturing their essence in time for years to come. Many popular trends have included pressing flowers between layers of newspaper or tissue, drawing the moisture from them and forming flat-lay pieces, but this process was long and left the flowers lacking their original brightness. In 1813, the introduction of freeze-drying flowers brought upon a new wave in which flowers could be exposed to freezing temperatures and the moisture drawn from them, retaining their natural colouring, but we found this technique lacked in feel, the flowers may look somewhat alive but they did not feel as though they were…

And thus, Endura Roses brings you our own Process of Timelessness, a process that had been years in the making, with many wonderful minds working hard on perfecting this art and ensuring it’s presentation was nothing less than natural exquisiteness.

Our craft is our art

Hand crafted floral displays

Timelessly elegant or modern and trend-setting, our designs are guaranteed to captivate. Each piece presents it’s own unique challenges in it’s creation and requires artistic skill, eternal patience and the utmost respect and care to bring the design to life and fill every one with emotion.