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Discover Endura’s classic collection of keepsake ceramics, signature fragrances, candles and much more. Unique, intricate and handcrafted to perfection, each accessory radiates individual charm and makes the perfect accompanying gift to Endura’s everlasting roses.

Ingenuity in Nature

These are not the types of cards to be left in the loft to collect dust, they are a gift in themselves. Precise shapes and designs cut into them to allow light to filter through and create an enchanting silhouette.

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Soulful Ceramics

Truly immortalise your words of passion, love and thanks in our exclusive range of artfully created Ceramic Hearts. With a plethora of verses and meaningful words, make sure you say it right, say it with Endura Roses.

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Flourish Collection

Discover our exclusive collection of artfully designed candles, sweet endearing bag-charms and much more radiating their own individual token of charm, creating a complete package of wonder and awe.

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Gift Box Toppers

Make your gifts extra personal with our beautiful handmade Gift Boxes Toppers.

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Endura Fragrance

Experience the true magic of years of searching for the perfect fragrance to further enhance the sensational beauty of Endura’s Roses, from blush notes of rose petals to sweet impressions of fresh dew.

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