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New Collection

Love Above

This memorising gift personifies eternal love, displaying a mystifying elegance that is a diamond dusted sapphire blue rose, presenting a wonderland of a lustrous blanket of stars, featuring a glimmer of a crystal at its centre, framed with a stunning array of delicate foliage in one beautiful display. This unique gift allows you to name a visible star after the special person in your life, truly encapsulating the sentiment that love can reach the moon and back.


Our Wonderful

Disney Collection

We welcome you to the fantastical world of Endura Roses’ Disney collection. Each Princess has their unique stories told through the creations of our floral artists, with a generous sprinkling of Disney magic. This collection allows you to give the gift of a tale that lasts a lifetime.


Our gift is our art

Sharing our luxury gifts and home decor collections can last for years illuminating your love and elevating any space.

Endura has featured in the leading publications including Cosmopolitan, Bride, Marie Claire, Perfect Wedding and have featured in House of Fraser. Their flagship store is located in the Trafford Centre, Manchester, which has won them Revo Award and they have partnerships with jewellers including the leading brand Leslie Davis.

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Our luxurious and innovative creations have changed the way in which we consume Mother Nature’s gifts, and we want the world to experience the eternal beauty we have perfected.

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