Endura Roses


When you walk down the aisle, waltz for your first dance or cut the towering cake, surround yourself with radiant florals that can bloom for years to come.

Autumn Mist

If you are getting married at morning or noon, keep dusk at the heart of your special day with the divine, naturally enhanced bouquet, featuring champagne roses and autumnal dried foliage.

Brink Pink

Elegant and beautiful, there is nothing as gorgeous as the Brink Pink bouquet, featuring pale and crimson pink eternal roses.

Ceremonial White

Tradition with a pure twist, The Ceremonial White bouquet will bless any wedding day with unparalleled elegance and beauty.

Rose Haze

This bright and bountiful bouquet is bursting with life and eternal joy, designed for those seeking a more vibrant colour scheme on their special day.

Vermillion Love

Make a statement on your wedding day with the divine Vermillion Love bouquet, which has been naturally enhanced for up to three years of extravagance.

Wonderland of Love

Suiting alternative or more fantastical themes, Wonderland of Love bouquet will make all dreams come true on your special day.