Endura Roses

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Love Above

For centuries, the classic testament of love tells the tale of reaching up into the night sky and bringing back the stars for your loved one. A love so immeasurable, that only an offering from the galaxy above does justice to such a bond. This gift speaks a thousand words, serving as a guiding light, and a comforting expression that there is a piece of them in the universe forever.


Bright Star
Capture the marvelling spectable of seeing a shooting star soar across the sky with this beautiful gift. The mystifying elegance that the rose holds offers the wonder of a lusterous blanket of stars, glittering with a crystal feature.

Radiating the beauty of each unique star in the galaxy.


Binary Star

The night sky holds the wonder of two stars eternally orbiting. This charming sentiment captures the magnetic draw you have between the special person in your life and the infinite love that you share.

A charming symbol of a love that draws two souls together eternally, like binary stars infinitely orbiting.