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Bold, beautiful pieces that would sit perfectly in your home. Catering to even the most contemporary and daring of designed interiors.


A stunning collection of designer trinkets to show-stopping centrepieces, all with the continued theme of having lavish vessels intricately designed and breathtakingly created to perfection. With the focus on creating a collection that is eye-catching from every angle.

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Inspired by the intricate designs and textures found naturally around the world beside our precious flowers, with stunning compositions of wood and glass to reflect the elegance of the natural world.

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A range of Interior Design solutions that not only fit in perfectly in a number of different styles of a home but elevate any room and give it life and luxury in abundance.

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A range of vessels inspired by the opulence of night, the dark and mysterious beauty of the darkened evening creates a range of unique vessels within which sits an array of stunning naturally enhanced roses.

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