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behind the bouquet

  1. How Are Preserved Roses Made?

    How it's made
    Preserved (or naturally enhanced) roses are a concept that defies Mother Nature’s limits yet amplifies Her beauty. In this instalment of Behind The Bouquet, we let you into the secrets of how our preserved flower arrangements and eternal roses come to be…
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  2. Behind The Bouquet: What To Do With Dried Flowers

    Pretty In Pastel
    Are you looking to invest in naturally enhanced roses but are unsure of how long they last or where to even display them, welcome to this latest instalment of Behind The Bouquet! Here, we will tell you all you may ever need to know about long-lasting pieces of nature.
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  3. Preserved Roses vs Fresh Roses

    Are you torn between investing in preserved roses or spending money on fresh? Welcome to this instalment of Behind The Bouquet, where we tell you all you need to know about our wonderful world of naturally enhanced buds.
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  4. How To Make Preserved Roses Last Longer

    Want to better understand how to care for your preserved roses? Welcome to this instalment of Behind The Bouquet, telling you everything you need to know about our naturally enhanced roses.
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  5. How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

    Heaven Scent
    Welcome back to Behind The Bouquet, our latest blog series that tells you all you need to know about our eternal roses!
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  6. What Are Preserved Roses?

    Our Roses
    At Endura Roses, we have been leading the market for dried roses and preserved foliage since 2016. We see these naturally enhanced alternatives to be the future of floristry but understand it is still such a new concept for some. For all those who are intrigued by the concept, look no further than our new Behind The Bouquet series.
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