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Are these roses fresh?

All our roses are naturally Preserved Roses. Preserved roses are made from fresh roses. With the help of advanced science and technology, we are able to preserve and add complementary pigment, while maintaining their fresh look and soft petals. A preserved rose is different from a fresh rose in many aspects, for example, preserved roses can last for years without water or sunlight, however they are grown in exactly the same way in dedicated farms catered to nurture their blossom.

What exactly are naturally enhanced roses?

Endura Roses searches far and wide to find the most stunning natural and sustainably grown roses that are then carefully treated with a top secret preservation process, taking time and care to ensure the shape, form and texture of each petal remains as delicately beautiful as nature intended. After undergoing this process, the roses are then suitable to last for up to a lifetime providing they are sealed correctly within their casing and all care guides are adhered to, or otherwise for up to ten or three years.

What is the difference and how long they last?

We have three different “guided” lifetimes for the roses that depend on the vessel they are in and their exposure to air.

In our completely exposed products (like Coronet Range, Bliss, Carissa and Beaute), the roses can last up to 3 years simply because they are completely vulnerable to the elements and air can access them. In our semi-exposed products, with a lid that can be removed or that are only partially covered with a hood of glass/material, the roses can last from up to 10-15 years because they are less vulnerable to the effects of the elements.

Finally, last but by no means least, in products that are completely sealed within glass (like Adore and Cherish) the roses can actually last up to a lifetime with being completely unaffected by exterior elements. Although all of these are recommendations, the true life of the rose will be determined through proper aftercare provided.

What is the difference between Classic, Limited and Diamond?

In Endura Roses products, often there will be a range of prices for one particular item, and though this may seem confusing, it is quite simple once the different options are clear.

  • With our “Classic Roses”, they are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a rose, any with a single matte colour and no additional design technique like painting or dusting, the most popular of which is our Vermillion Red, a bright and vivacious red that encapsulates the true ‘Red Rose’.
  • While our “Limited Edition” roses feature a slightly different appearance, any rose that possesses petals with more than one colour, such as our bi-coloured white and pink roses, our rainbow roses and even roses such as our metallic range (Gold, Silver, Metallic Blue/Pink), the Limited Edition roses are simply roses that have had an added medium.
  • “Diamond Edition Roses” are as simple as they sound, roses that have been cast with diamond dust to create a truly mesmerizing bloom that twinkles and reflects all the light around it.
How do I care for them after?

All products that leave our stores/studio leave with their own individual care guide, and even though this is the case customers are also told during payment of the process of care needed for when the product is taken home.

Firstly, touching and handling is not recommended, any excessive amount of touching can actually result in the early dehydration of the rose and thus cracked petals, simply because our fingers absorb the moisture within the petals. All products are to be used indoor-only, for multiple reasons, firstly because the roses cannot be exposed to direct sunlight- direct sunlight can deeply affect the colour of the rose over time and again accelerate a dehydration process, but also because areas of extremely differing temperatures and humidity can severely affect the rose too – though this is also the case indoor, none of our products should be located close to a direct source of heat.

Our roses are already naturally enhanced to their full beauty and we have done all from our side to create this perfect moment of nature frozen in time for your viewing pleasure, and as such, not a single drop of water is needed, only perhaps an occasional dusting with a feather duster or incredibly soft duster.

What happens after their 'time', do they die?

The roses do not die after their recommended lifespans, some of them might even surpass our recommended longevity, again depending on the aftercare given to them and the location in your home they are places. However, if anything, you might start to notice a slight discoloration and the very edges of the petals drying slightly and showing some signs of minor cracking. Do not, however, be tempted to add moisture to the rose then, no water should ever be added to our roses.

What is diamond dust?

At Endura Roses, we pride ourselves on finding only the highest of quality products, and we did certainly not fail when it came to our Diamond Dust. When making diamonds for jewellery, the majority are cut to a specific, multi-faceted shape of perfection and symmetry, during this process dust is produced and previously discarded, however we have found that this dust gives off the exact shine, glimmer and twinkle of a very diamond, and created the most dazzling, magical ‘Diamond Dust’ to sprinkle upon our roses and elevate their beauty.

Can I design my own gift?
Endura Roses works side by side with our customers always, your desires and needs are what drives our creations and it is you that we keep in mind in the design process. With this being said, it is entirely possible to have something custom made. We are introducing a new Couture Service in which you will get the opportunity for an almost ‘personal shopping’ experience, one of our Creative Floral Imagineers will help bring your vision to life, no matter how specific or vague the request! It does not matter if you’re idea is wacky or out there or something you have never seen before, bring the dream to us and let us make it a reality.
Is it normal if the rose petals fall off?

Due to nature and preservation procedures, preserved roses can be fragile. Minor cracks on rose petals are inevitable. Therefore, it is normal and possible to have rose petals fall off during improper shipping and handling process. Please understand that we have no access to control the shipping process. However, it is really rarely happened that the rose petals will fall off from the base. Please buy with confidence.

Can I take the roses out of the box/casing?

Our products have been designed specifically within their respective vessels; the roses are not made to be removed at any point. Touching the rose or moving it may damage the arrangement and as such we strongly insist that you do not take any rose from any casing.

Do the roses still smell?

Technically, the roses have not carried their natural scent after the preservation process, however that is a challenge that we gave ourselves upon the birth of our company- to create a specific fragrance that can bring back the alluring aroma of a rose blooming straight from the earth. Our Heaven Scent fragrance is true love in liquid form, the product of over 90 different scent tests spanning a wide variety of roses with perfumers in France and Bulgaria.

Can I order over the phone?

Due to customer data protection, we do not take order over the phone to prevent any fraud risks. We can take an order via email, and to do so please send details of what you would like to order, however this is only in case you are not able to make an order through our website. The primary place to order your Endura Roses gift is our website.

What days do you offer delivery on?
We offer delivery on working days Monday through to Friday, and Saturday. For more information regarding delivery please visit the Shipping details page.
What if I'm not in when the delivery driver comes?

It is incredibly vital that you leave correct delivery information on your order, if there may be a chance that you will not be in you should leave alternate instructions for a safe place to leave your package, this could be within a porch, with a neighbour, behind a side gate, be advised you will receive an email regarding confirmation of delivery and can access the signature via DPD if this needs to be checked. If there are no alternate instructions DPD will inform you of a re-delivery.

What should I do if my order is on back-order?

Popular items may sell out quickly and temporarily be on back-order. This means that the items are currently out of stock but that there are shipments on their way to re-stock our warehouses. Ordering an item that is currently on back-order is a worry-free way to ensure that you will be first in line for the new creations and that the item which you ordered will be sent out to you as soon as we have crafted it! We strongly recommend all our customers place an order at least 15 business days before holiday seasons arrive. We will try out best to keep our online stock updated.

You will be notified via a shipment confirmation email (and a tracking number) once your back ordered items have shipped. You will not need to contact customer support or do anything to follow up on the back ordered item We will take care of it for you from here on out!

Customer Service