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Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Creating a bespoke emotional piece

Timeless symbols of true love

Color meanings

A rose’s color can greatly alter the emotion it portrays. Carry your message with grace, passion or admiration, or manifest new beginnings, strong friendships or grand achievements for example, depending on your selection. No matter the tone, the sentiment is equally as compelling.


Every color under the sun is captured within Endura Roses’ palette. From pastel delights to vibrant visions, there is a shade to suit every individual. Endura Roses brings you timeless symbols of true love, bound together for eternity.

A Valentine’s Day classic, red roses are the symbol of love, romance and affection

Red Roses

Red roses are classic beauties that are a symbol of everlasting love and affection. No matter whether they are presented as a single bud or a grand bouquet, they manifest love like no other.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of red roses:

  • Rose Red: Be consumed with passion and everlasting love, or gift to the one you are most devoted to.
  • Vermillion Red: Live brightly and boldly, showing those you hold close just how passionate you are.
  • Rosewood Red: Let courage immerse itself in your life along with passion and excitement for new loving endeavours.
  • Chocolate Red: Show a more mature loving gesture that is fuelled by desire in the most stylish fashion.
  • Scarlett Red: Feel your love be reenergised through this youthful, adventurous and free-spirited shade.

White Roses

Celebrate new beginnings, such as pregnancies and weddings, as well as respect for another with brilliant white rose buds.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of white roses:

  • Pure White: Invite contentment into your home and life thanks to the innocence and purity contained within this shade.
  • Antique White: Show great respect for a dear one with a grand and stately rose, which can also symbolise remembrance and closure.
  • Champagne: Seek hope and portray it within your abode with elegance and grace.
A pure and subtle affair, the white rose evokes images of innocence, purity and fresh starts
Happiness, friendship, health and cheer, yellow roses bring positivity wherever they bloom

Yellow Roses

Symbolising friendships, yellow roses are a lovely way to congratulate, thank or simply show affection towards a dear friend. Brighten their day with roses capturing the warm essence of the sun.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of yellow roses:

  • Selective Yellow: Convey truth and honesty as you become one with your inner most feelings, allowing yourself freedom.
  • Saffron Yellow: Symbolise every joyous and jubilant occasion spent with dear friends and gift with platonic love.

Orange Roses

Balancing the joy captured in yellow roses with the fiery passion of red, gift orange roses to a new love, those who make you smile or one you simply admire and wish to congratulate.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of orange roses:

  • Flames: Show your deepest desires and fascination in a new love with a rose capturing the fire in your heart.
  • Amaranth: Gift a subtle gesture of a budding romantic interest, marking the beginning of your passionate venture.
  • Scarlett: Combine the passionate, energising and joyous energy found within red, yellow and orange roses.
Vivid and daring our flame-colored orange roses convey fiery passion and excitement
Unashamedly feminine and elegant, pink roses reflect timeless grace and beauty

Pink Roses

Ideal for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, friends’ birthdays or times of sympathy, pink roses signify the most poignant emotions. It is a versatile shade which can express any feeling, as long as it is from the heart.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of pink roses:

  • Peach, Carnation Pink, Rose Pink: Feel compassionate, elegant and truly beautiful with shades of pale and dusky pink.
  • Brink Pink, Crimson Pink: Have your mood uplifted as joy and grace take over, making these shade subtle loving gestures.
  • Hot Pink: Portray the deepest of loving emotions, lust, passion and admiration, through its vivacity.
  • Deep Pink & Ultra Pink: Show your deep love for another as it is fuelled by eternal fondness and endearment.

Blue Roses

Nature’s rarity, blue roses are strongly associate with love and prosperity. Fulfil your dreams and fall in love with darker tones or find inner peace and stability in life with the paler ones.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of blue roses:

  • Cyan Blue: Feel tranquillity and calmness radiate throughout your life, invoking a fresh and peaceful mentality.
  • Azure Blue: Find your feet with a shade which manifests stability and prosperity in all future endeavours.
  • Sapphire Blue: Portray a love that runs deeper than the ocean and never-ending dreams becoming a reality.
Rare and mysterious, the blue rose evokes the tantalising, unattainable and enchanting
Happiness, health and fertility, our green roses convey your hopes for all things good

Green Roses

Celebrate life and send messages of strength and positivity with a rose that is the most organic and natural color of all. All stages of life can be captured in a shade of green.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of green roses:

  • Green Shadow: Renew your spirit as you enter a chapter or gift in symbolisation of new life as this also represents fertility.
  • Harlequin Green: Emanate strong energy featuring all joyous feelings, lighting up someone’s day both spiritually and physically.
  • Emerald Green: Show kindness in a warm gesture that sends well wishes to someone embarking on a new adventure.

Purple Roses

Dating back centuries, purple has been strongly associated with royalty. All tones represent elegance, sophistication and luxury, as well as respect.

Send the right message to that special someone with our range of purple roses:

  • Violet: Manifest eternal glory and majestic vibes, conveying one’s grand status within your life.
  • Purpura Purple: Showcase your regal lifestyle with a touch of mystery, or gift to the one who deserves to be treated as royalty.
Majesty and mystery, our sumptuous purple roses speak of only the deepest feelings
Gothic glamour and fond farewells, black roses evoke fairy-tale mysteries and times gone by

Black Roses

The Majestic Black rose conveys feelings that can reach any realm. Its traditional symbolisation of mourning has been infused with a more contemporary message of everlasting love, sophistication and drama.

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are playful, vibrant and truly unique. Own a piece of nature like no other with a rose made up of a range of palettes and colored with organic dyes.

  • Rainbow: Live vivaciously, showing price in your originality as this is designed for the true individuals.
  • Rainbow Crescent: Be extra glamourous in your portrayal of your darker, more dramatic sense of uniqueness.
  • Rainbow Unicorn: Celebrate pastel tones with a unique flair and particularly represent friendships and precious times.
Playful and vivid, our rainbow roses bring joy and happiness to everyone who sees them

Delve Into The Creation Process

Sent From The Heart

Roses can suit any event, occasion or setting, and we provide arrangements, bouquets and displays designed for every individual need. Whether you want to elevate your home, gift a divine gesture, transform your office or walk down the aisle, Endura Roses is here for you.

Learn how our eternal roses came to be.


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