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Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Congratulations on another year together

Eternal long lasting gifts

For your anniversary

Each anniversary should be more special than the last, so continue this with Endura Roses’ beautiful and naturally enhanced arrangements for your anniversary gift this year. Nothing says eternal love like an emotional floral creation. Brighten your home and love life with these magnificent pieces.

Every Beauty Needs Her Beast

The inspirational love shared between Belle and her unlikely Prince beautifully conveys the sentiment that love really is blind. Their warm embrace is captured as they share a waltz in a frozen moment of intrinsic beauty.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true
The ideal personification of two people in love


An enchanting display of our stunning heart roses lovingly entwined around each other, intricately embraced with fine greens. Sealed to potentially* last forever in our Verre Dome Glass, this is an undeniable gift of promised love, a perfect embrace of two souls to last an eternity.

Around You

For the one you vowed to adore forever. Celebrate your love with replicas of yourself and your partner in life, blissfully surrounded by sweet pastel flowers and greenery. See yourselves joyfully secluded to be one with nature.

Naturally enhanced wonderland
The ideal personification of two people in love


This simple handblown glass surround, giving you the best possible window through which to appreciate the stunning bloom in all its natural glory. Lasting for a Lifetime all without running the risk of damaging it or shortening its life.

Every day, continue to love each other more and more

Today, tomorrow and always
Anniversaries are a memorable period of anyone’s life. Just like the occasion itself, memorable anniversaries come just once in everyone’s life. It must be made a momentous occasion simply because it is, indeed, a reason to celebrate. See yourself and your partner encapsulated forever, lost in adoration and surrounded by gorgeous long lasting arrangements.

Anniversary Gift Themes

An anniversary is the ideal opportunity to commemorate the love two people still feel for each other, whatever the ups and downs of life. As a couple remind themselves of their commitment to each other, friends and family should take the time and make the effort to find an anniversary gift which is just perfect, holding a deeper symbolic meaning for the happy pair.

Have a look at our colour themes linked with every anniversary year, this following table might assist you.