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Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Royal beauty crafted for you

Endura’s Revolution elegantly transforms the ordinary hatbox into a timeless treasure, redefining luxury with every piece. Our innovative approach weaves together beauty and permanence, creating not just floral arrangements, but cherished keepsakes for a lifetime.

Queen’s Gilded Reign

Stands as the pinnacle of our collection, featuring gold-plated, diamond-dusted roses in a luxurious arrangement. Encased in a hatbox with an acrylic cylindrical box, this one-of-a-kind piece is designed to last a lifetime, epitomizing opulence and splendor.

A Golden Touch of Royal Splendor.

Queen's Reign

Encased in a regal black hatbox, these flowers are not just a tribute to history; they are a living, breathing piece of art, echoing the splendor of a bygone era of kings and queens.

Echoes of Tudor Grandeur in Every Petal.

Duchess Decadence

A Georgian Romance
This arrangement is a symphony of color and fragrance, reminiscent of grand ballrooms and poetic love stories. It’s not just an arrangement; it’s a piece of history, a tribute to an era of refined tastes and artistic expression.

A Dance of Roses in Georgian Elegance.

Countess Splendour

Echoes of Victorian Grandeur

Each element in this arrangement is a nod to the lavish tastes of the time, creating a tapestry of beauty that transcends time. Encased in a regal black hatbox, this arrangement is a journey through the heart of Victorian elegance, promising years of enduring beauty and grandeur.

Victorian Romance, Preserved in Time.

Lady's Legacy

Each arrangement is delicately encased in a beautiful hatbox, designed to last between 3-5 years, making every moment a royal rendezvous.

Contemporary Charm, Timeless Elegance.

The Collection Story

A Spark of Inspiration

Inspiration struck during a visit to the enchanting Warwick Castle, surrounded by its historical grandeur and fairy-tale vistas. It was there that the vision for ‘Queen’s Gilded Reign’ took root—a collection designed to echo the dawn of a modern monarchy and celebrate the iconic Tudor rose.

Passion Behind the Petals​

At Endura Roses, passion binds us—a collective dedication not just to the artistry of our everlasting roses, but to the deep emotions they embody for our customers. Each petal in the ‘Queen’s Gilded Reign’ collection is imbued with this passion, crafted to convey an everlasting love that resonates with timeless elegance and heartfelt sentiment.​

Artistic Vision

Our designers turned fairy tale inspirations into reality, drawing from a storyboard that sparked the majestic Crown Hatbox collection. This series not only reflects a royal past but also brings those regal dreams to life in each crafted piece.

Masterful Craftsmanship

With meticulous attention to detail, our Imagineers transform ordinary blooms into extraordinary emblems of love and legacy. Gold-plated and kissed with diamonds, each rose is a crafted masterpiece, preserving a moment of royal elegance forever.