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Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Unique & lasting

Hand Selected For Unparalleled Perfection

Our Roses

Eternal roses are the heart and soul of Endura, each one carrying its own message of affection. Everything about our roses is flawless, from the poise of the petals to their organic coloring and embellishments. Even when enhanced to show their grand potential, they still hold the natural essence of roses which we adore. We are committed to promising unparalleled quality and value in our unique floral creations, offering you outstanding and extraordinary pieces of nature.


Explore Nature’s Palette

Every color under the sun is sampled in our selection of rose buds. From vibrant hues to pastel tones and metallic tints, there is a shade for you. Peruse our specifications, Classic, Limited and Diamond, offering simplistic, multitonal or diamond encrusted petals.

Endura Roses brings you timeless symbols of true love, bound together for eternity.
Colours that speak to our customer’s hearts

Color Meaning

Create a Bespoke Emotional Piece

A rose’s color can greatly alter the emotion it portrays. Carry your message with grace, passion or admiration, or manifest new beginnings, strong friendships or grand achievements for example, depending on your selection. No matter the tone, the sentiment is equally as compelling.


Seek the Rose For You

Our intricate arrangements are so multifaceted due to the range of rose sizes we feature. From the most petite Countess to the largest Immense rose and many in between, your piece of nature can come in all dimensions. This is just another way we can make creations bespoke to you.

Our customers are a top priority for us as we take into account their individual needs.
Roses and flowers are designed to celebrate, remember and indulge in equal measure

Care Guide

Discover How To Maintain Their Radiance

As beautiful as fresh flowers but without the inconvenience. Our naturally enhanced displays require very little care to keep their appearance as stunning and splendid as the day you received them. By nurturing them as advised, you can enhance their lifespan and keep them by your side for longer.

We have produced the following care guideline, please click on the button below to download.

Enduring Beauty, treat with Care

Our team of florists and designers use ground-breaking preservation techniques to create stunning natural floral arrangements that last. Our icons are there to help guide you about the estimated life of your wonderfully preserved gift. With love and care your exclusive gift should look fabulous for the recommended lifespan.

Care Instructions

Because we care

*Our flowers can last up to a lifetime if the following instructions are respected: do not water and keep away from direct light and dust. Please note that flowers are not edible and can stain.

use only

Avoid touching

Do not

Do not expose
to direct sunlight

Avoid high temperature, high humidity & intense heat

Occasional de-dusting
with feather brush

Delve Into The Creation Process

Sent From The Heart

Roses can suit any event, occasion or setting, and we provide arrangements, bouquets and displays designed for every individual need. Whether you want to elevate your home, gift a divine gesture, transform your office or walk down the aisle, Endura Roses is here for you.

Learn how our eternal roses came to be.

Care Guide


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