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Our Wedding

Preserve your special day in time

When you walk down the aisle, waltz for your first dance or cut the towering cake, surround yourself with radiant florals that can bloom for years to come. Your wedding is an occasion to be reflected on for the rest of your life; your heart filling with joy and fondness each time you see your dress in the wardrobe or look upon your photograph album. Now, Endura Roses present you with naturally enhanced bouquets and other lavish floral pieces which can also be adored for years to come

Our Roses

Beautiful, Delightful & Innovative

There is nothing as beautiful, as delightful or as innovative as an Endura rose. Each naturally enhanced bud carries its own message filled with unparalleled emotion, and still has the sweet essence of a fresh rose.

Resilient & beautiful
Your wedding day should be full of treasured memories

Eternal Floras

Lifetime Preservation

When nature creates something so divine, why let it wither? We are the first company in the UK to offer lifetime preservation of wedding flowers, allowing you to keep your cherished Endura arrangements fresh forever. Discover more about how we enhance Mother Nature’s creations.

A Floral Selection

A Day Bursting with Florals

A wedding should burst with florals from floor to ceiling, breathing life and beauty into your new life. This is why we are not simply limited to bridal bouquets. Immerse your special day in more exquisite Endura Roses pieces from rose petals and centrepieces to bridesmaid adornments and guest gifts.

Exquisite designs & arrangements
Sophistication, class and vintage aesthetics

Wedding Brochure

Blooming Bridal Bundles

With so much choice to peruse over, we have multiple packages to suit all budgets for the occasion. Each one includes bouquets, buttonholes, bridesmaid gifts and a cake topper flowers at the very least to make your day blossom.

Unique to you

A theme unique to you

Each individual has their own vision for their wedding. Whatever yourtheme and colour scheme may be, our range of vibrant, organically dyed roses and foliage will meet your every unique need.