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A little piece of nature to call your own

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Nature's Symphony

As one of the most accomplished and renowned poets in the English language, John Keats, very rightly once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Elements of beauty that surround us always leave a lasting impact on our senses as they manage to stir up a flurry of emotions that end up touching at the heart’s strings. These emotions can be feelings of wonder and amazement, sheer happiness and joy and even immense gratitude and contentment.

The story behind the creation

With such a profound effect on the senses, to not try and encapsulate the many wonders of nature would be a travesty. Endura Roses’ collection, Nature’s Symphony, does just that and more. A collection of unique floral arrangements designed to highlight the many bold, vibrant and wild colours that nature is known for, Nature’s Symphony offers a kaleidoscope of seasonal change combined with the celebration of life. With 10 themes, each representing an aspect of nature’s beauty, our latest collection puts Mother Nature’s entire glory on full display and gives our customers the opportunity to have a little piece of nature to call their own.

Highlight the bold, vibrant and wild colours that nature is known for
Each theme represents an aspect of nature’s beauty

Nature’s Beauty

Each theme signifies a unique facet of Mother Nature and in turn, also symbolizes individual characteristics of a personal. From the earthy tones and relaxed aesthetic provided by Bohemian Chic, raw emotion and darker tones offered by Dark Beauty, unadulterated affluence and luxury given by Gloriously Golden and starry wonders combined with bursts of purple, green and pink through Midnight Opulence, along with many other extravagantly beautiful options to choose from including Enchanted Forest, Pretty in Pastel, Cool Silvers, Rainbow Pride and Zen Paradise, our collection of Nature’s Symphony offers all the wondrous and awe-inspiring elements of Mother Nature for our customers to enjoy.

Innovation & Ingenuity

Our range for Nature’s Symphony is the product of the innovation and ingenuity of our masterful Creative Imagineers, who through a combination of their unique aesthetic sense and years of floral experience, are able to create bespoke arrangements for every occasion. Whether it is the love between a man and a woman, a parent and their child or the bond between family members, Nature’s symphony celebrates the beauty of every relationship with the perfect and long-lasting beauty of nature.

The innovation and ingenuity of our masterful creative imagineers

Not only roses

A celebration of life

An ode to Mother Nature, Nature’s Symphony celebrates the many wondrous gifts she blesses us with, and represents every season, relationship and emotion we may ever encounter. The 10 vibrant styles are available as bunches, bouquets or signature displays in varying sizes to suit you.