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Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Naturally preserved Flowers & Foliage

Experts in Corporate Floristry

Corporate Collection
If you are looking to invigorate your office, hotel, restaurant or private residence, look no further than Endura Roses’ stunning selection of naturally enhanced flower arrangements. Tailored to any business’ need and appropriate for any industry, our reliable deliveries of freshly preserved creations will add constant beauty to any interior. Even the smallest reminder of the natural world can make all the difference, and thanks to our preservation techniques, all our flowers and plants give you their glorious benefits without the hassle and maintenance.

Long-lasting Natural Marvels

Mother Nature’s Gifts

Endura Roses is renowned for our bespoke and top-secret preservation process which allows our creations to bloom for years to come. It is completely chemical and toxin-free, ensuring that each petal or leaf retains its natural essence. With no upkeep, trimming or watering required, you and your colleagues or guests can embrace Mother Nature’s gifts free from debris, pollen or responsibility.

Tailored to any business need
Elegantly preserved arrangements

Profitable Incentives & Benefits

Eternally Beautiful

There are many great factors that can persuade any business owner to switch from fresh flowers to our naturally enhanced alternatives. Not only do we allow them to reign eternally beautiful with no major commitments, we can also help improve the stimulation and productivity of workers and invigorate your business’ in store branding for example.

Customisation & Replenishment

Customised Creations

Every company’s needs and visions are different, so we cater to each one individually. We allow clients to customise our creations to suit their branding or the mood of each room, for example calming receptions, productive meeting rooms or relaxing diners. As the seasons change or your brand/aesthetics develop, we would replenish your interior as and when required as a valued Endura associate.

Bringing colour & creativity
Sophistication, class and vintage aesthetics

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Whatever your needs may be, we can discuss this together and gain a thorough understanding of the atmosphere you want to create. The possibilities are endless, and we would like to ensure that you are making the best decisions to breathe more life and positivity into your space. We’re just one click away so please get in touch to start your Endura Corporate journey today.

Our Range is Endless

A theme unique to your business

Each individual has their own vision for their company. Whatever your theme and colour scheme may be, our range of vibrant, organically dyed roses and foliage will meet your every unique need.