Endura Roses US

Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

A celebration of the natural world

Bringing new life to the most stylish of interiors

Endura Forest, made to be explored

The art of bringing style, exclusivity and life to the interiors of your home. Carefully preserved and designed by our team of creative makers to create a sense of joy, happiness for you and your loved ones.

Kuchai Bonsai

Introducing the eternally majestic Bonsai. With oriental origins, folklore states that they emit the very definition of longevity and prosperity. For centuries people have derived feelings of serenity and calm when placing them around the home.

More than just greenery, this historical piece of nature is a state of mind
An abundance of vibrancy and captivating varieties of woodland evergreens


Both figuratively and literally, the grand Darwin collection are larger than life. Strong imposing wood adorned with luscious evergreens manifest the wild enchantment of a woodland.


Bearwood house glorious orbs of greenery, presented in five distinctive bushels. Slender stems artfully entwine, organically shaping these natural beauties bringing serendipitous character to every space it occupies.

Perfectly frozen in time to be admired for years to come
Exudes comforting seasonal hues around the home


The Sherwood collection truly embodies the innate charisma of the famous wood. Every bushel is ladened with high quality thickness that catches everyone eyes. Its whimsical wildness encapsulates the very essence of unique and unchained beauty.


Refined and dignified, the Elwood collection is the focal point of every room. The classic silhouette and rich emerald palette makes it an ultimate heritage evergreen.

Beautifully animated with life, immerse yourself in a whimsical garden
Transport your home to the tropics all year round


Be bold, be impactful, and most importantly, be unique. Amazon embodies its all, gracing every setting with zing, charm, and a taste of the exotic. Playing with shape and texture, the wild grasses breathe life into any indoor space.


Transport yourself to an evergreen forest; lush, calm, breath-taking. Explore the beautiful unknown with the wonder with your very own piece of enchanted forest.

Bring the enchantment of a woodland forest into your abode all year round