Endura Roses US

Creative Craftsmanship

The beginning of every Endura Roses journey starts with sourcing the finest quality roses and flora. We are passionate about creating works of art from the best that Mother Nature has to offer, with bloom going above and beyond to become the gift of a lifetime.

Once only the best quality roses are chosen, we put them through our expertly refined natural enhancement process. Through this, magic is made. Not only are Endura Roses created to be breath-taking gifts, but they are also made to be cherished and adored by all for years to come, with no maintenance necessary.

Our collective of floral artists design and produce a beautifully broad array of products, specially curated for every occasion. Whether it be an Anniversary, Wedding, Valentines, or even just a token of appreciation for a loved one, we have a collection that is the perfect match. Every bloom beholds its own story, attaching profound emotional ties to every petal, every stem, and every bloom. Give your gift the personal touch, with a treasure as unique as their owner.

Everlasting Nurture meets Everlasting Nature

From it’s creation, every single product could have been influenced by around up to 10 widely creative and uniquely talented minds. With perspectives being taken from all, each with their own individual styles and tastes, no one product is released to the public without a unanimously agreed final design. Each time, this guarantees a product that will be adored far and wide.

We sort through the best foliage and filler flowers
Designs guaranteed to captivate

Design Process

From creating the story behind it, finding the perfect vessel to carry that story and then creating the concept in real, luscious flowers to truly embody and symbolise that very story… this can all be a very long process undergoing many scrutinous reviews and taking many different creative directions, but ensures results of absolute perfection and true beauty every time.

At the end of the design process, every product made goes through a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure every one meets our impressive, internationally pleasing, luxury standards.

Perfection of nature preserved in time

Blueprints of our initial floral compositions are created and distributed to our specialised Floral Art Technicians, who each channel their inner creative magic in their unique and stunning ways to create the very masterpieces that adorn the shelves of our stores.

Exclusive and spellbinding natural designs
Beautiful selection

Timeless Allure

We select only the most perfect of rose blooms to harvest, each having their thickness of petal, overall beauty and size and natural details compared against one another to ensure we have only the best Mother Nature provides. We sort through even the best foliage and filler flowers, scouring the globe far and wide to locate that one particular shade of leaf, or softness of gypsophila, to source the most vibrant colours, the richest textures and collect the treasures that nature so bounteously provides. When the fruits of our labour arrives in the studio, every time, it is a celebration of nature, of the astonishing beauty and the continuous miraculous realisation that the flowers and greens in our hands can now radiate their imperial, timeless allure for many more years than they have before.

Our craft is our art

Hand crafted floral displays

Timelessly elegant or modern and trend-setting, our designs are guaranteed to captivate. Each piece presents it’s own unique challenges in it’s creation and requires artistic skill, eternal patience and the utmost respect and care to bring the design to life and fill every one with emotion.