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Endless Beauty

Restoring your flower’s radiance

REjuvenation Service

Whether you wish to revive the sentimental connection you have with your Endura Rose design or refresh one that matches your interior, our exclusive Rejuvenation Service offers you efficient restoration of your flower’s radiance along with exquisitely designed arrangements courtesy one of our talented creative designers! At just 30% of your product’s original cost, you get the chance to experience pure, natural and endlessly stunning beauty and fragrance from our roses, Now & Forever!

Endura Rejuvenation Service

Our products are more than just a way to beautifully display flowers; they are emotive companions that are meant to last a lifetime, a piece of art with nature at its heart. Like everything in the great circle of life, the sun must, however, set on them. Though our roses won’t die and wilt like you would expect, their colour and fresh appearance can diminish slightly over time. For such circumstances, our Rejuvenation Service provides the perfect solution.

Pure, natural and endlessly stunning beauty

What to expect

Whether you wish to rejuvenate the sentimental connection you have with your Endura Rose design or have a design that matches your interior – whatever your needs, we will restore your flower’s radiance and allow one of our talented creative designers to reinvigorate your arrangements.

Whether exposed or covered, should you opt to purchase the Rejuvenation Service, you will have the ability to return your product to one of our stores which will be packaged and then sent to our Head Office Studio to be revitalised.

Have your signature Endura Rose design restored today!

This service comes with our promise to endlessly provide you with the most pure, natural and stunning sensory experience in roses, Now & Forever. Our Silver Service is for products below $100 and Gold Service is for products above $100.

Terms & Conditions

  • All you need to do is return to store with your product and Rejuvenation Service Card.
  • Please note the price quoted covers the cost of replacement of any roses or foliage. This does not include material replacements such as glass/acrylic/vessel.
  • Any items requested to be packaged and posted to customer address will require an extra delivery charge.
  • The Rejuvenation service covers products that are exposed or covered, not that are sealed. This can, however, be amended on an individual basis for an extra $15 charge. Please contact us for further information.