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Nature's Symphony

Premium floral arrangements

An ode to Mother Nature, Nature’s Symphony celebrates the many wondrous gifts she blesses us with, and represents every season, relationship and emotion we may ever encounter. The 10 vibrant styles are available as bouquets or signature displays in varying sizes to suit you.

Midnight Opulence

There is so much beauty to be found in the darkness of our night skies, from the endless constellations to the bursts of light from the Aurora Borealis, this range brings their awe-inspiring beauty in to your home. Featuring heavily with blacks, deep blues and bursts of purple, pink, green and teal flowers and foliage and complimentary vessels.

The mysterious luxury of the dark night.

Dark Beauty

Let the darker side of romantic beauty and passion seep its way into your home, with deep burgundies and purples side by side with dark greens and classical ornate, decorative vessels. Arrangements that seem abundant with love, dripping in pure emotion and power that bring a deep and meaningful essence into any space.

The mysterious luxury of the dark night.

Enchanted Forest

This theme evokes our deepest fantasies and encourages us to delve further into our imagination. With Enchanted Forest, we are given a doorway into a magical world that is replete with nature’s astounding beauty.

Deep in the enchanted forest is pure beauty and divine nature.

Gloriously Golden

All things truly and wondrously gold! Golden leaves, golden vessels, this style is for those of you who do not mind the flashy side of style, the look of unadulterated luxury and expense. Every piece is an absolute treasure, a centrepiece of its own making and sure to be the talking point of any who visit your most astonishingly gorgeous abode.

Gold is the color of luxury and class.

Pretty in Pastel

Soft and fluffy, this theme offers a sweet and endearing range of decorative flowers and foliage, with a color theme not too dissimilar to a unicorn fantasy. Keeping all tones pastel and focusing heavily on the textures and emotion of joy and cheer, Pretty in Pastel features vessels in a range of complimentary tones to befit this charming aesthetic.

As sweet as a spring afternoon.

Bohemian Chic

A theme that is full of life and culture, Bohemian Chic promotes a California beach-like aesthetic and encourages the ability and the will to be carefree, relaxed and unusual. Featuring dark, earthy tones, this theme projects an element of immense warmth, informality and casualness; a highlight of intensely close relationships such as that between a parent and his child. With Bohemian Chic, you can express yourself fully and freely, no holds barred, and allow your true emotions to shine through.

The simplicity of all that is beautiful in nature.

Cool Silvers

Think cascading layers of cool greys, shimmering silvers, and small bursts of frosted greens, this theme is for those who lean towards a lighter modern aesthetic with colors in white, grey, silver and tonal greens. Airy designs create a unique juxtaposition to the grounded metal and mirrored vessels with a contemporary cool vibe.

The perfect picture of a fresh crisp winter morning.

Luscious Jungle

This theme is all about the wonder and beauty of foliage! From frosted silver eucalyptus to lush bunches of pittosporum leaves. Explore the beauty of each frond of a kentia palm, the rich texture of our precious pillows of moss and shimmering berries and let the jungle into your home in these captured moments of nature.

True beauty lies in the nature of the earth.

Zen Paradise

Taking design elements from the well-known and internationally recognised Ikebana style and bringing in the essence and style of Endura with muted reds, oranges and yellows and a plethora of greens. Minimalist yet intricate, modern yet classical, this style brings just that perfect touch of nature to any corner of your home, with a range of complimentary vessels.

A picture of pure tranquility.

Rainbow Pride

A mesmerising kaleidoscope of absolutely vibrant colors, each unique in its own way, Rainbow Pride celebrates individuality and acceptance. For those who feel like they’re on the fringe and distinct in their own way, Rainbow Pride has a color that can truly represent their emotions and identity, thereby encouraging all to freely express themselves in a purely unadulterated way.

Colors are the smiles of nature.