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Naturally preserved, everlasting roses that last a lifetime
Elegance Eternal, Across Continents | British Grace, American Flair
Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Explore nature's palette

A celebration of everlasting beauty

Endura's Colours
Every color under the sun is sampled in our selection of rose buds. From vibrant hues to pastel tones and metallic tints, there is a shade for you. Peruse our specifications, Classic, Limited and Diamond, offering simplistic, multitonal or diamond encrusted petals. All of our rose tones fall in the following categories. This defines how traditional, unique or opulent your arrangement will be.

Classic Collection

Our most fundamental range, featuring traditional preserved roses. Appearing exactly as Mother Nature intended, these flowers remind us of natural beauty and the power of simplicity.


Pure White

Antique White




Saffron Yellow

saffron yellow

Saffron Yellow

selective yellow

Selective Yellow



dark orange

Dark Orange

Chocolate Brown




Scarlett Red

vermillion red

Vermillion Red

rose red

Rose Red

rosewood red

Rosewood Red

chocolate red

Chocolate Red

pink shadow

Pink Shadow

rose pink

Rose Pink

persian rose

Persian Rose

brink pink

Brink Pink

crimson pink

Crimson Pink

deep pink

Deep Pink

ultra pink

Ultra Pink


Hot Pink


purple ombre

Purple Ombre

tanzanite violet

Tanzanite Violet

pupura purple

Purpura Purple


cyan blue

Cyan Blue

sapphire blue

Sapphire Blue

green shadow

Green Shadow

harlequin green

Harlequin Green

emerald green

Emerald Green

majestic black

Majestic Black

Limited Edition

Introduce more vibrancy and magic into your dry arrangements with this extraordinary collection. Capture every color sampled by nature in the most fascinating way, resulting in a unique feature seen nowhere else.



rainbow unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn


Rainbow Crescent

antique silver

Antique Silver

old gold

Old Gold

navy metallic

Metallic Navy

ocean metallic

Metallic Ocean

rose gold metallic

Metallic Rose Gold

fuchsia metallic

Metallic Fuchsia

jet black pink

Jet Black Pink

jet black gold

Drop of Gold

Diamond Collection

The most magnificent of all Endura Roses pieces, the Diamond collection is enriched with shimmers of diamond dust, adding a luxurious finish to your dry arrangement. Seek the finer things in life with these deluxe roses.

Diamond Pure White

diamond rose pink

Diamond Rose Pink

diamond vermillion red

Diamond Vermillion Red

diamond rose red

Diamond Rose Red

diamond rose chocolate

Diamond Rose Chocolate

diamond purpura purple

Diamond Purpura Purple

diamond sapphire blue

Diamond Sapphire Blue

diamond majestic black

Diamond Majestic Black

Delve Into The Creation Process

Sent From The Heart

Roses can suit any event, occasion or setting, and we provide arrangements, bouquets and displays designed for every individual need. Whether you want to elevate your home, gift a divine gesture, transform your office or walk down the aisle, Endura Roses is here for you.

Learn how our eternal roses came to be.