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All wrapped up

Level up your gifting experience

Gift Wrappping
Gift Wrapping is an exclusive additional service offered to Endura Rose’s customers, it gives you the opportunity to buy a gift and have it completely packaged with a level of presentation above and beyond that of our standard packaging, let the effort that went into making the product surround and encase it, wrapped with love and tender care to level up your gifting experience.

Bespoke Boxes

Our “Exclusive” option is a textured square box perfect for a variety of occasions.

Our “Romance” option is a textured heart-shaped box for a more passionate touch.

The perfect wrapping for the perfect gift
Loving messages can make a difference

Box Features

  • A selection of exclusive hat-box shapes (heart, square and circle).
  • Careful and concise packaging techniques.
  • A light scattering of Endura’s Exclusive rose petals.
  • The adornment of our luxury branded ribbon.
  • A delightful burst of Heaven Scent fragrance from our spritzed tissue to create a full sensory experience.

Gift Wrapping