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About Endura

Our Story

The natural world, our source
of wonder and inspiration

Epiphanies always strike at the strangest moments, and we certainly weren’t expecting ours to strike when it did. It was at the end of a journey that a new chapter began for the people behind Endura Roses. Passing through a busy airport on our way home, we found ourselves looking for some flowers – something beautiful to hand to the family waiting for us. But, as we scanned the flowers on offer, we noticed how tired they looked – far past their prime, and certainly not how we wanted to celebrate a long-awaited reunion. We knew there had to be a way to preserve that beauty forever. It was from this seed that Endura Roses blossomed. Partnering with a successful entrepreneur, and using our natural flair for floral design, our offering is twofold.

Our team of florists and designers use ground-breaking preservation techniques to create stunning natural floral arrangements that last. On our website, you’ll find a varied selection of our preserved roses, ranging in colour and style to suit a wealth of occasions and settings. From our chic glass Belle Domes to our more rustic Woodland arrangements, there’s something to delight, whatever your taste.

With unrivalled care and attention to detail, we select only the finest flora from sustainable sources to become part of our displays. This is all topped off with our one of a kind fragrance. This fragrance, artfully crafted by scent experts, is entirely unique and the result of months of work. Designed to complement the beauty of our floral creations, rather than overwhelming them, it subtly evokes the peace and pleasures of nature, making our creations an integral, multi-dimensional part of any space.

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