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Our Process

All Natural

We Conserve The Roses Without The Use Of Toxic Chemicals, Plastics Or Synthetic Fibres – Meaning They Look And Feel As Natural As They Did Out In The Fields.


Our roses are picked by hand from some of the world’s best rose growing sites in South America, Europe and Africa, each of which are home to the ideal rose growing weather conditions.


Within this environment, as the water and sap within the plant evaporates, it is replaced with our completely natural and top secret preservation formula.


Once picked, we place the roses in a delicately balanced micro-climate, with constantly monitored humidity, heat and light levels.


Now, the roses are kept at the peak of their natural beauty, staying at this point for years and years at time without any water, sunlight or any other kind of care being necessary.

Low Maintenance

Our Roses Don’t Grow. They Don’t Need To, They Are Perfect As They Are. They Don’t Need Water, Sunlight Or Even Soil.