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Couture Service

Within this collection, find our grandest and most luxurious arrangements and dried roses. Be truly unique with these perfectly hand-crafted creations, including 24 carat gold roses, gravity-defying displays and the most extravagant bouquet in the world.


The colour gold is one of extravagance, wealth and riches, it denotes a sense of royalty and prosperity upon anything that is honoured by its presence.

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A dynamic combination of materials, from classic traditional materials to new and modern concepts, with the Contemporary range you are sure to find the perfect Interior Design Solution for you.

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From the very moment, your eyes are cast upon Endura’s Celestial, the opulence, extravagance and awe-inspiring beauty of nature leave little to the imagination.

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A completely unique and sizeable creation where the manmade meets the unmistakably natural.

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