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Midnight Opulence

Find beauty in the darkness with this delightful preserved flora arrangement. Twilight blacks, deep royal blues and touches of natural tones are captured within the dried flowers, portraying the marvels of the night sky. From the endless constellations to the bursting Aurora Borealis, admire the wonders midnight any time of day.

The mysteries of the moonlit sky burst from this artistic floral piece.

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Dark Beauty

Find romance and passion encapsulated in this luxurious dried flower arrangement. Deep reds and jet blacks represent love’s sheer extravagance and beauty within such a dark and lustful colour palette. Feel the essence of romance and allow it to rejuvenate your home and love life with this ornate theme.

Dark Beauty’s Crimson Castle beholds a love like no other.

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Luscious Jungle

Vibrant dry foliage of all shades of green and brown bloom from the rustic wooden structure, acting as a contemporary tribute to the tree in which it came from. Encased at the heart of this mighty naturally enhanced flower arrangement, a vivacious Harlequin Green eternal rose blooms forever after, showing the limitlessness of nature.

Escape into the Evergreen Garden.

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Gloriously Golden

This stylish and sophisticated piece is a real treasure to bless your home with. Dried roses and preserved foliage across a spectrum of golden tones portray luxury and expense, so you can express your love for the finer things in life. Manifest true opulence with this striking feature.

Gold is the colour of luxury and class.

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Pretty in Pastel

Soft, sweet and fluffy, purify and bring sheer joy into your home with this endearing range of dried flower arrangements. It will light up any room both physically and emotionally as it’s charming pink and natural tones express positivity and pure fantasy in relation to true friendships.

Spread joy with a sweet yet grand centrepiece.

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Zen Paradise

Grace your abode with purity and protection through this gorgeous preserved flower arrangement. Inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese style of flower arranging which focuses on bringing out the floras’ inner qualities and emotions, feel the passion exuding from each of the specially selected foliage.

Japanese Garden is a tranquil and joyful piece from Zen Paradise.

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Cool Silvers

This contemporary dried flower arrangement contrasts the tones of delicate nature and cool metal. Designed for the progressive home, the juxtaposition found within the colour scheme projects serendipity and relaxation wherever it resides. Allow Cool Silvers to modernise and balance your home-life and attitude.

This Aqua Tower is the most artistic of all Cool Silvers’ creations.

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Enchanted Forest

A wonderous woodland piece is a doorway into the most heavenly place. Allow magic and other spectacular occurrences to seep into your reality as you marvel at the beautiful combinations of pink, purple and green tones. Perfect for the inner dreamer, this preserved flower arrangement is simply spellbinding.

Dreams can come true because they exist in the form of Cherub Splendour.

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Bohemian Chic

This is a sophisticated dried flower arrangement, intended for the free-spirited. Connect with nature through the nude, earthy tones of the preserved foliage and find a new appreciation for simplistic beauty. Bohemian Chic invites peace, mindfulness and purity into its environment through its understated elegance.

Marvel for eternity at the never wilting rose at its centre.

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Rainbow Pride

Celebrate your courageousness through this bold dried floral arrangement. The vivid kaleidoscope colour scheme invokes self-acceptance as a unique individual as you light up your home with a centrepiece as vibrant as yourself. See nestled within the bright foliage an Endura Roses signature multicoloured dried rose, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Multidimensional and simply vivacious.

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Magnificent Palais

Within every palace sits bountiful sovereign jewels. Yet, within every Endura’s Magnificent Palais sits nature’s own treasures. Sensational eternal roses and sprightly foliage burst from every corner of the wooden chateaus, encapsulating the most regal and passionate emotions one may experience.