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A selection of our most popular gifts and arrangements.

A symbol of love

Love Above

This memorising gift set personifies eternal love, displaying a mystifying elegance that is a diamond dusted sapphire blue rose, presenting a wonderland of a lustrous blanket of stars, featuring a glimmer of a crystal at its center, framed with a stunning array of delicate foliage in one beautiful display. This unique gift allows you to name a visible star after the special person in your life, truly encapsulating the sentiment that love can reach the moon and back.


Sharing our luxury gifts and home decor collections can last for years illuminating your love and elevating any space.

New Collection


Endura’s Revolution elegantly transforms the ordinary hatbox into a timeless treasure, redefining luxury with every piece. Our innovative approach weaves together beauty and permanence, creating not just floral arrangements, but cherished keepsakes for a lifetime.