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CEO Diaries – Our Story

The CEO Diaries

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In my case, this age-old saying proved to be completely true. On the way back from an international trip, while searching for beautiful floral tokens of love that could adequately convey the affection, I had for my loved ones who were waiting for me back home, I found that many of those that were on display had lost their much-coveted glow and vibrancy. Not wanting to undermine the auspicious occasion of a long-awaited reunion with sub-standard souvenirs such as these, I settled for something else entirely.

However, the question of where to find uniquely preserved floral gifts exclusively designed for special occasions continued to linger in my mind. With time, that question grew into an idea which further blossomed into what is now known the world over as Endura Roses; UK’s top seller and manufacturer of high-quality and rare preserved flower and roses.

Our team of florists and designers use ground-breaking preservation techniques to create stunning natural floral arrangements that last. Customers are able to find a varied selection of our preserved roses, ranging in colour and style to suit a wealth of occasions and settings. From our chic glass Belle Domes to our more rustic Woodland arrangements, there’s something to delight, whatever your taste.

With unrivalled care and attention to detail, we select only the finest flora from sustainable sources to become part of our displays. This is all topped off with our one-of-a-kind fragrance. This fragrance, artfully crafted by scent experts, is entirely unique and the result of months of work. Designed to complement the beauty of our floral creations, rather than overwhelming them, it subtly evokes the peace and pleasures of nature, making our creations an integral, multi-dimensional part of any space.

What makes Endura Roses unique is that we are the only Preserved Rose retailer that give customers the freedom to choose from a huge range of colours and designs. Our design team works earnestly in our creative studio to integrate the latest trends in gift and interior decoration solutions, delicately selecting only the best roses to help enhance your design.

With our dedicated research team, we are passionate about staying at the forefront of product development. Endura are the only company to develop our own subtle fragrance to enhance the natural experience of owning an Endura product. We have something for everyone, browse through our range of individually crafted gifts, from a striking single rose, lovingly packaged to give the ultimate romantic gesture. Bouquets of amazing roses and flora giving you years of beauty, to diamond cut glass exclusives that bestow a lifetime of beauty and love.

Endura Roses is to give people the opportunity to preserve their most cherished memories as well as enjoy the beauty of nature for a lifetime. At Endura Roses, we understand the significance of relationships, be that of a parent with their child or a husband with his wife, and we also are able to comprehend the importance of the role that they play in shaping our lives. Which is why our entire range revolves around the ability to say ‘I Love You’ or ‘You Are Important to Me’ with just a bouqu