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Gloriously Golden Palais

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Opulence unfurls in the majestic Golden Gates arrangement, a multidimensional masterpiece where floral treasures are nestled with grandeur and grace. Each bloom in this lavish display is a testament to luxury and elegance, unfolding layers of beauty and splendor. This arrangement is not just a floral piece; it’s a celebration of exquisite artistry, holding deep within its petals the secrets of nature’s most extravagant wonders

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Golden Gates stands as a pinnacle of luxury, its grand wooden structure enveloped by the most exquisite floras imaginable. Rich in hues of yellow, cream, and gold, this arrangement boasts an array of dry foliage, including hydrangea, palm spears, and helecho fern, all bursting from a golden speckled frame to embody true opulence. At the heart of this lavish creation lies its most prized possession: a large gold eternal rose, encapsulated to preserve its unmatched splendor. This multidimensional, naturally enhanced flower arrangement transcends mere luxury, elevating lavish dreams into a tangible reality. Designed to captivate and impress, Golden Gates is an arrangement that commands attention, making it an ideal centerpiece for your dining room or living room, inviting all who gaze upon it to revel in its magnificent beauty and elegance.

Magnificat Palais: (H) 31cm x (W) 20cm

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Due to the unique nature of our roses and materials, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Variations can occur in colour and final appearance, additionally, just as when roses are purchased at the local flower shop, small tears in the petals are normal and slight variations in the hue are naturally occurring. Minor imperfections and irregularities in each creation are inherent and desirable characteristics of a genuinely unique and handcrafted product, therefore cannot be considered as a fault or defect. It is also important to know many of our filler and decorative flowers and foliage are subject to seasonal availability and may differ from the original design.

Please be advised that Endura Roses is not liable for the diminished value of the product resulting from the handling or improper aftercare of the product such as broken glass, or accidental damage. We do not provide a certain guarantee regarding the lifetime of the roses, our only promise is that they last “up to” 3 or ten years or a lifetime, however, this is completely dependent upon the aftercare of the rose, providing that all the care instructions are followed, it will remain in its original condition and last.

Endura’s preserved roses are real roses and therefore are classed as perishable items, meaning that we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges.