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Behind The Bouquet: What To Do With Dried Flowers

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Are you looking to invest in naturally dried flowers but are unsure of how long they last or where to even display them, welcome to this latest instalment of Behind The Bouquet! Here, we will tell you all you may ever need to know about long-lasting pieces of nature…

How long do dried flowers last?

As we covered in this chapter of Behind The Bouquet, our naturally enhanced roses can blossom for up to three years, ten years or a lifetime depending on their encasements. Those open to the elements will not stay as fresh as those in airtight Belle domes, which capture them in time for eternity.

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What is the difference between dried flower bunches and bouquets?

While both bunches and bouquet arrangements may appear very similar, there is a great difference in terms of their structure and floral contents. A bunch is usually made up of less types of flowers and are gathered together, whereas a bouquet has been carefully arranged with a lot more thought and precision. Both follow a theme, yet a bunch is less meticulous. With a bouquet, assembling it is an artform as flowers and foliage are celebrated together in a particular fashion. The trimming and shaping of the stems and buds is very important to the overall appearance to form its typical circular domed shape. Both are beautiful in their own right but merely take on different style!


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How to arrange dried flowers in a vase

The wonderful thing about flowers is that they may be arranged however you see fit. It is a creative process like no other, destined to suit individual needs and florals. However, if you are arranging a bunch or bouquet, there is a slight difference.

When receiving an arrangement from Endura Roses, all thorns and excessive leaves have already been removed and the stems have been cut to the correct size. In a bunch, all stems can vary in size with no theme or be almost equal lengths, however a bouquet’s stems have been carefully trimmed to create the desired shape. Also, because of their preservation process, no water or fertiliser is required to keep them appearing fresh and bountiful – all you need is a creative eye and a lush vase!

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As bunches are typically less broad, they are better displayed in a vase with a narrow neck. This way, the flowers can stay bundled together and maintain their stature and shape rather than spread apart in a wider one. Bouquets tend to take on a larger stance, meaning they can suit a wide or narrow vase, depending on the individual shape or style. When choosing a vase, it is important to take into account the length of the stems as it is recommended that the overall height of the arrangement should be 1-1.5x the size of the vase. Because of this factor, we always state the height and dimensions of our creations.

Once you have found the perfect vase, you can begin arranging! If you have selected a bouquet, all you need to do is carefully place it inside and voila – your arrangement is done and ready to be displayed to the world! However, if you are constructing a bunch display, there is slightly more to do. We recommend you start with the roses first, placing stems in the vase one at a time. Be careful not to touch the buds though as this can easily diminish the quality and cause wilting due to the natural oils in our fingers. Working from the outside in, be sure to face every bud outwards so no matter the angle, each one can be admired in full glory. Following this, build up the texture with the foliage in the middle, being creative with how you style these more unique pieces. Once this is done, you should have the perfect floral creation!

If you are struggling with arranging your Endura Roses display, we offer this service at all of our stores around the country. Our Floral Artists can easily help bring your vision to life in a professional and gorgeous manner, making your experience easier and even more bespoke to you.

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How to display dried flowers

Your arrangement’s placement depends purely on its style and colour palette, as well as your own interior design. For example, more neutral or earthy toned arrangements suit cottagecore or Scandinavian interior themes, while more colourful ones suit the likes of eclectic. Typically, darker tones also appear more at home in bedrooms, whereas more vivacious florals would look better for all to see in sitting rooms and hallway spaces.

No matter the room though, they should be positioned to be the first thing one lays eyes upon when they enter. From coffee tables and mantle pieces in the sitting room to dining tables and display cabinets in the dining room, consider where best they may breathe life and colour into your home.

If you’re interested in reading more about how to find the perfect arrangement to suit your interior design style, read our Styling Nature’s Symphony blog series, where we explore all things homeware and lifestyle in regards to lavish, naturally enhanced flowers.

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