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Styling Nature’s Symphony: Mid Century Modern

Gloriously Golden

Do you need help finding the perfect piece of preserved nature to suit your interior design? Welcome to our latest blog series, Styling Nature’s Symphony, which will be your guide to all things aesthetic.

Mid century modern is a classic yet contemporary interior design style. Dating back to the 1940s, Décor Aid says “the era represents a combination of post World War II practicality, 50’s era optimism, 60’s era earthiness, and 70’s era tones and textures neatly wrapped up in a stylish ode to Scandinavian simplicity.” The character of such a timeless style comes from a mix of abstract and unusual patterns in relation to Bauhaus art and traditional woods, metal and glass. It has a very casual aesthetic: kitschy with strong use of earthy yellows, greens and other pops of colour. Therefore, this chic style is not simply a fad that will soon go out of fashion.

Here, you can get a vintage style without the outdated feel. It allows for quirkiness and vivacious touches of colour in the form of our preserved flower arrangements and displays such as Nature’s Symphony. Practicality and functionality are key though, meaning it is quite minimalistic and soft touches like this will stand out very well against the wooden and metal materials.

Nature’s Symphony’s eclectic range means that we have themes to suit all styles, particularly ones such as mid century modern, whereby neutral and earthy tones must prevail.

Decor Aid Mid Century Modern

Luscious Jungle

Luscious Jungle encapsulates the freedom of the outdoors, which can stand out beautifully against brown tones throughout the home. Touching every shade of green on the colour wheel along with hints of pink and orange, this stunning creation will stand out but not look out of place in a mid century modern setting. Available in three variations (Bunch, Bouquet and Signature) and three categories (Petite, Modest or Immense/Magnificent Palais), find a form that suits your home best!

The best location for such a divine creation should be the central location of a sitting room where it can be admired at all times. Guests and family alike can feel the air around them be replenished every time they lay eyes on upon it. Wooden furniture such as coffee tables and bookcases with metal legs (which is very common in this style) can be greatly complemented by our dried rose arrangements. Similarly, any variation of this theme would look ideal in the kitchen, adding a soft touch to the overpowering metal tones seen here. However, it must be kept away from direct sunlight and heat, meaning the layout of the room is vital in its placement.

Luscious Jungle

Gloriously Golden

Whilst Luscious Jungle invites more natural tones into the space, Gloriously Golden explores the opposite. Metallic, stylish and sophisticated, this arrangement conveys nothing but opulence. With such a radiant piece of nature, you can add an extra contemporary touch to counteract a mass amount of vintage or wooden furniture. The striking gold eternal roses are complimented by touches of white, yellow and silver, meaning neutral browns can be easily matched.

Gloriously Golden symbolises luxury and grand parties, meaning it should be displayed for all guests to see. Depending on the type of gathering, it could be the dining table centrepiece, sparking great conversation whilst you share a meal, or in the living room to add extra elegance to your evening. Even when you aren’t entertaining, this arrangement in any variation will create the illusion that your abode is the place to be.

Gloriously Golden

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