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Loved in Europe, Born in Britain - Introducing Endura’s Pioneering Legacy to the U.S.

Celebrating 5 years of Endura Roses!


Five years ago, we first picked up a pen to begin writing our fairytale…

Our beautiful story began where one would least expect: a bustling airport following a long, tiring journey back to the UK. Upon arrival, every flower stall at the airport was scoured for a gorgeous bouquet to present to loved ones, symbolising how much they were missed. However, nothing was up to par. Each petal was withered, and every bud drooped like they had been caught short on a rainy day. This is when we knew we had to do something to change this, and have since strived to maintain the radiance of Mother Nature’s creations for as long as possible in the most natural way.

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Over the course of five years, we have celebrated many grand achievements as the leading brand of luxury eternal roses, and we’d love to share some of these major milestones with you!


Reinvigorating The Floristry Industry

Our heart has always longed to change floristry for the better in our endeavour to conserve Mother Nature’s works of art. We were greatly unimpressed with artificial flowers that look obviously fake and appear tired within a matter of months anyway, as well as the preserved alternatives that have been dowsed in chemicals. Therefore, we searched for ways to make natural, organic roses and other flora withstand the test of time in a toxin-free manner.

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Midnight Opulence

Brightening Someone’s Day

Emotions and memories are at the very centre of what we do, as this is exactly what we were hoping to capture when searching that airport once upon a time. By allowing nature’s most divine pieces last for up to a lifetime, we present all our customers with something that can continue to bring them joy and light up their homes for far longer than any other alternative. Knowing that we are associated with such happiness is an accomplishment in itself, and one we will always take pride in.

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Pretty In Pink

Becoming a Nationally Recognised Treasure

In 2016, just two years after the concept of Endura Roses crossed our minds and one year after our studio opened, we debuted our first flagship store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester. Since then, Endura Roses has become a popular name across some of the biggest shopping centres in the UK, such as Westfield, London, Bluewater, Kent and Bullring, Birmingham. We are always looking towards the next step in making Endura a worldwide brand, with the USA and the Republic of Ireland our next ventures!

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Trafford Centre

Creating The Most Opulent Arrangements In The World

We are proud to state that nothing upon this earth compares to an Endura Roses creation, especially those within the Couture Service. Within this precious collection, one may find the most luxurious pieces of nature known to man. We have worked tirelessly to research, design and hand-craft bespoke bouquets and displays that are truly incredible and have surpassed all expectations of what nature can be. This includes 24-carat gold roses (Grandeur), gravity defying creations (Miracle), and immense bouquets like no other, featuring genuine diamond lustred roses (Celestial). What we have created here is natural masterpieces fit for royalty.

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Fusing Art and Nature

One of our greatest achievements in regards to our lavish pieces refers to the Sentiments Collection. Here, we sought a new original route for our creations, working with an artist to feature contemporary sculptures within our encased arrangements. Here, we are homing in on specific occasions and emotions one can feel throughout life from birth til passing. These modest works of art can touch one’s soul even deeper than you could ever imagine as they imprint their own life and experiences upon the minimalist figures. Through the likes of Sentiments, we are continuing to learn and develop with every piece.

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has supported Endura Roses over the past five years and helped us achieve such wonders. We appreciate every individual who recognises the beauty and innovation within our arrangements. To say thank you, we are currently holding two social media competitions to win a Sweetheart piece and 25% off accessories and gift wrapping instore. We have also devised a complete anniversary collection to showcase all our favourite arrangements over the years, which you can find here.