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Styling Nature’s Symphony: Scandinavian

Do you need help finding the perfect piece of preserved nature to suit your interior design? Welcome to our latest blog series, Styling Nature’s Symphony, which will be your guide to all things aesthetic.

Today we’re looking at the renowned minimalistic style of Scandinavia. Gorgeous in every sense of the word, Scandinavian interior design is known for its clean aesthetic which focuses on simplicity, functionality, beauty and comfort. Because of this, every piece of decoration and ornament must be picked with great precision. Flowers are a perfect touch due to the blend of textures found within that can create juxtaposition against the other hard furnishings. Generally, the Scandinavian style is modern yet timeless and will never appear outdated. This gives it the extra added of touch of being sustainable and every furnishing is a certified life investment.

According to Andrea Lucena-Orr of Delux, “Soft whites and naturals, neutral pinks, soft amber, darker blue, soft icy blues, dark greens and pale putty and moss colours can also be used to create a Scandinavian style look in any home.” When selected natural materials such as wood for furniture, warm toned pieces are recommended to add a brighter feel without the use of overly vibrant colours. However, high contrasting colour tones are often used as statement pieces. This dashing burst will make the whites look even more dazzling and add sophistication and character. This is essential if one is soughing their Scandi furniture from the likes of IKEA whereby every piece is mass produced and may lack originality.

Those looking to add more individuality and beauty into their Scandinavian home can easily do so with an arrangement from Nature’s Symphony. This collection is so eclectic, we are highlighting four never different pieces that can either soften or contrast a hygge style interior.

Nature’s Symphony: Zen Paradise

Zen Paradise encapsulates every element of a Scandi colour scheme. Featuring pure white eternal roses, warm-toned preserved foliage like banksias and palm suns and dark green fern, eucalyptus and hydrangeas, it perfectly fits this style! This design is inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese style of flower arranging whereby the floras’ inner qualities and emotions are exuded into the room. Like all Nature’s Symphony arrangements, this luscious variation is available in bunches, bouquets or Signature displays, either in petite, modest or immense sizes.

Creating a calming atmosphere like no other, Zen Paradise would be ideal for situating in rooms where tranquillity is key, such as the bedroom. Often featuring white bedding and soft furnishings, the white roses will subtly fit in while the deep green foliage juxtaposes the placid hues around it. Breathing life and positivity into its surroundings, what better piece of nature of gaze upon before slumber than this?

Zen Paradise

Nature’s Symphony: Pretty In Pastel

The texture and pale palette of Pretty In Pastel makes this a lovely addition to Scandi homes. The subtle colours are very soft and charming, while the actual textures of the arrangements are intricate and tactile in contrast to the geometric stature of the furniture and other ornaments. Representing sheer joy, every time you see one of the Pretty In Pastel preserved flower arrangements your mood will inexplicably be lifted.

Pink Scandi living room are very fashionable, featuring white, maple or red alder wooden furnishings alongside pink sofas, statement walls and artwork. Therefore, any variation of Pretty In Pastel would appear divine within this setting. Natural plants and shrubbery are also common within this shade of the interior design style, meaning our eternal roses would complement the greenery beautifully.

Pretty In Pastel

Nature’s Symphony: Cool Silvers

Scandinavian styles are of course the definition of contemporary, as are all Cool Silvers arrangements. Contrasting delicate nature with industrial metallics, this is a revolutionary piece that adds character and individuality. Although it is daring, it does perfectly suit the style of Scandinavia as it is still 100% natural. Featuring dry foliage such as hydrangeas, lagarus, Japanese ivy and real peacock feathers (depending on the size and style) as well as our signature eternal roses, it can also be viewed as Mother Nature’s statement art piece.

Cool Silvers’ metallic finish would appear attractive in the dining area surrounded by metal ornaments such as candle stick holders, a piece of modern art and silverware. It will exist in harmony with its metal-finished surroundings but by no means will it blend into the background. Display it as a statement centrepiece and feel the room elevated with class and style.

Cool Silvers

Nature’s Symphony: Midnight Opulence

As Andrea Lucena-Orr stated, dark blue tones are very important in Scandinavian styles, allowing a one’s home to stand out against the more typical pastel and white interpretations and appearing even more sophisticated. As comfort is also important within this style, introducing darker tones can help the room feel cosier and more intimate. Here, the Midnight Opulence arrangements come into play. Eternal roses, hydrangeas, lagurus, pampas and real peacock feathers are displayed in twilight blacks, deep royal blues and touches of natural tones, portraying the marvels of the night sky.

The ideal room for appreciating the night sky would of course be the bedroom. It is known that darker colours help us to sleep as well, therefore it is not only enticing but also very practical. Most typical bedroom of this style feature dark blue on every wall, therefore we recommend placing Midnight Opulence in front of any other neutral backdrop such as a statement white wall so that its beauty can be seen in its full glory. The shade of bedding/soft furnishings often contrast against the furniture, which alters the placement of your arrangement. If one has light bedding and dark furniture, we recommend situating the piece by the bed, however if it is the opposite, make it a feature piece as far away from the bed as possible.

Midnight Opulence

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