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Customer Service

Returns Policy

Regrettably, Endura Roses is unable to accept returns or offer refunds, since all designs are individually custom made and handcrafted to order and the arrangements contain naturally sourced items that, depending on aftercare, will have a varying expiry date.

Your Endura Rose

Our roses are a product of nature, and as such some variance in colour, shape, and size is normal. Each Endura Roses product is truly one-of-a-kind. Variations will occur in the final appearance. Additionally, just as when roses are purchased at the local flower shop, small tears in the petals are normal. Other minor imperfections and irregularities in each creation are inherent and desirable characteristics of a genuinely unique and handcrafted product. Therefore, cannot be considered as a fault or defect.

Please be advised that Endura Roses is not liable for the diminished value of the product resulting from the handling or improper care of the product. This includes, but is not limited to, not adhering to the usage and care instructions detailed on our website, or broken glass, or accidental damage.

If it is deemed that the products have not been cared for as per instructions on our Care Guide page then Endura Roses will NOT refund or offer an exchange of product.

Any concerns regarding the quality of an Endura Rose creation must be reported to Endura Roses within 24 hours after receipt of purchased to pursue any rectification. Please email us to report any quality issues. We kindly request that you send a minimum of 3 digital photograph(s) of the damage to your order, along with your order details (order confirmation number, date of order and your full name and address and contact details).

Endura Rose is under no obligation to provide a refund or replacement for quality issues pertaining to orders after 24 hours of receipt, or should it be judged that the fault was a result of improper aftercare.

Care Policy

In general, preserved roses are very easy to care for and with very little attention they should give you many years of beautiful, radiant glory, however, they hold no guarantees.

For best results we suggest you follow these guidelines:

  • Endura Roses are preserved roses and are for indoor use only and should be stored or displayed in temperatures between 5 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius. Endura Roses must be kept at the same temperature with no sudden changes to the heat or humidity as this can cause the condition of the rose to deteriorate rapidly.
  • Avoid areas of very high humidity as roses and foliage can only tolerate a very low level of humidity. Do not clean preserved flowers with water or liquid cleaning products. A regular light dusting with a soft makeup brush or very light feather duster is the best method of cleaning. Preserved products are not guaranteed to last forever, to prevent premature fading, do not place in direct sunlight or expose to heat.
  • Preserved Products have no guarantees as to their longevity. They are at their base classed as natural perishable Items.

For more details visit our Rose Care Guide page.

My order has been delivered damaged. What now?

Due to the nature of our products, our luxury roses are just as fragile as their fresh counterparts. Minor cracks on rose petals are inevitable. We make every effort to ensure that all parcels are handled correctly and with care during transit, however, while using an external courier service we can not make any guarantees- there may be small imperfections created during transit however any such things will be reviewed should they be brought to our attention.

In the event your order has been damaged during its journey, please email our team to report the issue WITHIN 24hrs OF RECEIPT. We kindly request that you send a minimum of 3 digital photograph(s) of the damage to your order, along with your order details (order number, date of order and your full name and address and contact details).

The email along with photographs will then be sent to one of our expert florists for evaluation to see where the damage has come from. We will then, if necessary, arrange for a returns label to be sent to you so that the item can be returned to our Studio and either a repair will be made or a new order created. Time-scales may vary. Any repairs or returns should be expected to return to you within 3-5 weeks.

Please note: No replacements will be made for any order should the recipient or sender not notify us within 24 hours of the original delivery date.

Cancellation of order

Unfortunately, as our products are all expertly handcrafted and, in most cases, bespoke and personalised per order, we cannot accept cancellations. This is also because each of our products is composed using completely natural products that have been enhanced to extend their life and as such are therefore perishable. Any product purchased that is perishable is not applicable for cancellations.

We provide our customers with a choice of boxes. Since both the boxes are of the same prices, we deliver what is available in stock.

Customer Service